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Size: SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line
Size: SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line
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Size: SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line
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SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line is a 100% Fluorocarbon that casts and handles like a monofilament, but is virtually invisible. This line sinks with low stretch for improved sensibility, and also will not absorb water which helps maintain the strength of the line. Best of all, fish can't see it underwater! EZ Fluoro is abrasion resistant and offers good manageability, knot, and impact strength.

We stock SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line on 200 yd. spools. The color is clear.


SpiderWire EZ Fluoro Line
Spool Length
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Frays easy. (2)

Customer Reviews
SpiderWire EZ Fluorocarbon Line   (from prior model)
Pros: very strong yet invisible in the water, very strong and invisible to fish, very strong and invisible to trout
Cons: spools are not lagrge enough need to contain more line, spools are small, need to contain more line
Best Uses:
Comments: This product is GREAT works well on spin casting reels. I use it for trout and I'm very pleased.
Southern CA
Will not buy again (from prior model)
Pros: casts good
Cons: Frays easy.
Comments: Used this line for three days of fishing and had a real problem with the line fraying. I have used other fluorocarbon lines in the past and have never ran into this problem. Will not be buying their fluro in the future.
John Parker
Watch for frayed line.   (from prior model)
Pros: Strong Line.
Cons: Frays easy.
Best Uses: Trout when watched
Comments: I used 4lb Spider EZ Florocarbon Line on my first Trout fishing trip of the year and found out the hard way that you couldn't us crimp on sinkers. I lost 2 Trout when the line broke off at the sinker. Also if you crimp a sinker on and slide the sinker this frays the line causing it to be weak. After finding these things out I took note to see if the line was frayed and finished catching my limit. No problems.
West Virginia
LOVE IT!   (from prior model)
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