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Style: Stand Up Jig Head
Style: Stand Up Jig Head
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Style: Stand Up Jig Head
Style: Offset Weedless w/Corkscrew
Style: Stealth Spike
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Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories are perfect for rigging the Savage Gear 3D Craw in various methods.

Features of Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories include:

  • Stand Up Jig Head - Used to fish the 3D Craw in a defensive "claws up" posture.
  • Weedless Hook with Corkscrew - Easily mount the 3D Craw or other soft lures. Perfectly balanced centered corkscrew and shank weight.
  • Stealth Spike - Rig the 3D Craw for forward dragging for the most natural presentation of a crawdad. Insert into the bait just behind the legs, with the wire just sticking out of the mouth of the Craw.

Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories
ModelStyleHook SizeWeight
per Package
SS-EF-1/0Stealth Spike1/0142 + 2 hooks
Customer Reviews
Great for craws   (from prior model)
Best Uses: crawfish baits
Comments: I use these with savage gear crawfish and they make them stand up in a fighting posture.
South Carolina
great hooks   (from prior model)
Pros: sharp, strong
Best Uses:
Comments: great for savage gear 3d craw they work for what they are for
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