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Color: Sexy Shad
Color: Sexy Shad
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Color: Black/Gold
Color: Brown Trout
Color: Chrome Blue
Color: Golden Shiner
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Sexy Shad
Color: Shiner

Matzuo Nano Crank

This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Details.
This product is no longer available.

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Offer Available.  Lures & Baits: Buy 1, Get 1 at 25% Off! In-stock only.
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Matzuo Nano Cranks are small crankbaits that offer anglers the perfect downsized lure for those heavily fished waters where finicky fish prefer bite-sized baits. Matzuo Nano Crank Lures are versatile mini crankbaits that trigger powerful strikes from trout, bass, perch and all other panfish.

Full Product Details

Matzuo Nano Cranks are small crankbaits that offer anglers the perfect downsized lure for those heavily fished waters where finicky fish prefer bite-sized baits. Matzuo Nano Crank Lures are versatile mini crankbaits that trigger powerful strikes from trout, bass, perch and all other panfish. These tiny floating crankbaits are favorites among ultralight anglers fishing tiny brooks to large tailwaters and lakes.

  • Bright, prismatic finishes
  • Durable contoured body with gills and fins
  • Matzuo black chrome treble hooks with stainless steel split rings
  • Realistic 3D eyes
  • Floating lures
  • Clear diving lips
  • Qty. per pack: 1
(19 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.73%
Good For Variety Of Fish (8)
Looks Realistic (7)
Irresistible to Fish (5)
Easy To Handle (4)
Good Value (3)
Difficult to Handle (4)
Poor Construction (4)
baits don't run well (2)
may need split shot (2)
Fish Get Away (2)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (7)
Shore Casting (5)
Along rock banks (2)
Freshwater (2)

Customer Reviews
Add a split shot, then Catch fish! (from prior model)
Pros: Good Value, catches everything
Cons: may need split shot
Comments: Had success with a #7 split shot 12-14 inches above the bait. Only had 15 minutes but wanted to test the added weight. Second cast (Sexy Shad), Bam! 3-4 pound sheephead! Yikes! Line broke at snap, lost lure. Tied on Chrome Blue. Fourth cast, Largemouth, maybe two pounds. Fifth cast, Smallmouth, a little bigger than the LMB. For me, a slowish retrieve seemed to work best.
United States
great bream bait!   (from prior model)
Pros: good action and flash
Cons: may need split shot
Best Uses: Along rock banks, Freshwater
Comments: I use the nano crank when fishing bluegill beds, rocky shore lines, and in ponds. It has great action and lots of flash, but needs a split shot when windy or in current. Have caught all types of fish using ultralight tackle even landed a 4 lb bass on it a week ago.
Clarksville, TN
Ohio Angler
Go to lure   (from prior model)
Pros: catches everything
Best Uses:
Comments: Ever since I discovered this lure I keep one rod with one of these on it all the time. I prefer the silver and black double hook. I've caught over 200 crappies in one day with this lure, when others weren't even getting bites. Also great on largemouth, smallmouth, bluegill, and awesome on rainbow trout. If you want to catch fish, this is your lure. I have 15 in my tackle box right now. I don't ever want to without one or more. I'm ordering more now. Use a 6 1/2 ' rod, 4-6 lb. line and they'll work fine.
Jefferson County, Ohio
Goodish (from prior model)
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Good Value
Cons: baits don't run well
Best Uses:
Comments: This is a goodish crankbait. Whenever you buy a crankbait this small, it can be tricky to make it have a consistent action, so it clipped the tip of to make it a squarebill and it catches fish. Mostly, this catches small fish but it usually produces great numbers. The hook are very sharp but tend to bend out easily. Do not use braid.
United States
smallmouth magnet   (from prior model)
Comments: I love the two hook NC3 Nano-crank bait. I've used most of the available colors, but the gold and black works best for me in both lakes and streams. Great for largemouth and smallies. Trout can't resist it. I use an Eagle Claw fiberglass rod and 4lb test (Spider mono) for this lure and have no problems whatsoever. The lure will not swim well in fast water but that is to be expected. Matzuo uses an extremely sharp, light wire treble on their Nano-crank lures. You've got to be real careful in removing the hook from your fish otherwise you'll be switching hooks. I discovered very quickly that even the smallest difference in size and/or weight of the hook will mess up the lure's tracking. Otherwise, the quality, color, construction, and fishability are all excellent. Very durable little lures! They're tough as nails. I wham them into rocks, sometimes, with a wild cast, and I've yet to break one. With my fiberglass rod and 4lb line, this lure casts like a bullet. When you order, get at least six (or more). It's been my experience that color and style selections are quite limited at local stores. R.C. Barnes
awesome   (from prior model)
Comments: If you are having a bad day not catching anything. Put the Nano Crank on and you'll start catching Fish.The Blue and Silver works the best.
Bubba the Fisherman
Great color NO Action   (from prior model)
Pros: Looks Realistic
Cons: Difficult to Handle
Comments: Lures only spins to side and once this happens you have no control. I purchased another brand and they work great, I figured these would be the same, I figured wrong. Very disappointed. Price is great, but the small round angle bill seems to be problem on this design, otherwise I would be back for more.
Oklahoma city, ok
Catfish Rick
This bait is small but large in catching   (from prior model)
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: Must use in shallow water ,bait runs about 3' deep after casting give one jerk and starting winding and catching fish. have caught numerous spieces of fish with this lure
Canton ohio
Good Bait, needs adjusting (from prior model)
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Looks Realistic, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Difficult to Handle
Comments: This little crank is unbeatable at times... when you change it. This lip is designed poorly, so one has to file the lip down to a square bill. Do this, and bass, sunfish, and trout cannot resist them. BTW get the larger size.
Amazing lure (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Seldom snags, Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Along rock banks, Very shallow water, Fresh Water
Comments: Caught 5 times as many fish as my friend who was using live bait.
Triad, NC
Not the same as they used to be   (from prior model)
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Looks Realistic, Easy To Store
Cons: Poor Construction, Messy
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Fresh Water
Comments: I had this lure for a couple of years and recently lost it in a tree. Luckily I found them on this site and bought 2. Unfortunately one of them is totally unusable, it turns completely crooked and makes circles. The other is a bit better but occasionally gets funky on the retrieve. I plan on seeing what can be done to rectify this. Like the headline says, for some reason Matzuo changed the overall construction of this lure and now it just isn't the same. Should have left well enough alone!
Somerset, NJ
Fish Catching Machine (from prior model)
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: This little crank works great. I have caught Pickerel, Walleye, Crappie, Rock Bass, Large and Smallmouth all on the Chrome Blue Color. Sometimes it does a little circle at the end of the cast, but just crank it slow and it works beautifully. Just purchased a couple more, also look for this lure in the Rainbow Trout color at some Dick's Sporting Goods. Good Luck!
Somerset, NJ
IT WORKS! (from prior model)
Pros: Looks Realistic, Irresistible to Fish
Cons: Fish Get Away
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: This lure is one of the best ones i have ever used on trout.Sometimes it comes through the water in a circle,it's best to jerk it after a cast to get it started right. I use a fly rod and you can feel when it's coming through the water right.I've caught a lot of 5 lb. plus on this.The first time i tried this lure i hooked a 10 lb. rainbow,after about five minutes it got off, when i looked @ the lure 5 of the hooks were straightend out.If you get it take the hooks off and replace them with better brand.
Roanoke Va.
poor design (from prior model)
Pros: Looks good
Cons: Poor Construction, Difficult to Handle
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: wish icould find the original bait this new design is terrible
hayden al
fresh or saltwater does it all. (from prior model)
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Looks Realistic, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Cons: Fish Get Away
Best Uses: Salt Water, Trolling, Shore Casting, Deep Water, Fresh Water
Comments: one of the finest finnesse crankbaits i've ever used. and one of the most productive and versatile. needing only a slightly stronger or more durable favorite being the 5/32ounce single treble.
Poor design (from prior model)
Cons: Poor Construction
Comments: Before some design person changed the lip.....this was an awesome the newer design makes it track horribly....wobble....looks like a dead animal being drug through the water.......
Vanceboro NC
"One of My Four Best Lures."   (from prior model)
Pros: Good Value, High Quality, Bream Crappie Catfish, Catches Bass, Durable
Best Uses: Freshwater
Comments: It's an awesome little lure, tricky to get the hang of it for some, but once you do... Hold on. I've caught tons of fish with it and in all types of situations. I highly recommend it!
Salisbury, N.C.
The Lure is has Fish Nailed!   (from prior model)
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Catches Bluegill Bass, Catches Catfish-Really, Catches Crappie, Good For Variety Of Fish, Catches Walleye, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: I was skeptical about using this lure, but I fish freshwater lakes in Southern Illinois and this little Nano Crank bait in the metallic blue finish is outstanding. Casting from a canoe or boat to the shoreline or cranking the bait parallel to the shoreline has beat just about any other type of crank bait lure I have fished with. From 8 lb Large Mouth to 5 lb Catfish, it has performed amazingly!
Carbondale Illinois
not happy with this little one (from prior model)
Pros: Looks Realistic
Cons: Difficult to Handle, Poor Construction, baits don't run well
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I purchased 3 of these lures and tried casting them and reeling.They wouldn't run straight they kept flipping upside down and going all over the place tried reeling slow and fast but nothing worked.
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