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Matzuo Goby Softbaits

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Matzuo Goby Softbaits

Closeout! 20% Off All Remaining Matzuo Goby Softbaits! Regular Price $4.45, Now $3.55! Supplies Are Limited. If one of these items show out of stock in your basket please remove it or it will be removed from your order and the total will be adjusted. Thank you.

Matzuo Goby Softbaits perfectly imitate the the round goby. The round goby is an invasive species has exploded in population across much of the Great Lakes region. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, walleye and other gamefish now feed heavily on these abondant invaders. The Matzuo Goby works extremely well in the Great Lakes and most other freshwater lakes and rivers. This bait also mimics saltwater forage and is great for most inshore species. The Matzuo Goby is hand-poured giving it lifelike color tones and a realistic texture. The wide paddle tail arches up as the bait is falling, giving the Goby a slow tantalizing horizontal fall, just like an injured baitfish.

Additional features of the Matzuo Goby Softbaits include:
  • Super soft handpoured plastic in custom colors
  • Wide paddle tail design
  • Realistic live eyes
  • Weighted black chrome Matzuo hook
  • Model MGY35 is 3 1/2" in length and weighs 1/4 oz.
These lures are available in the six colors shown in the table below. Each package contains 3 lures.

Natural (NAT)

Olive Grey (OG)Smoke Purple (SMP)Watermelon (WM)
Olive Grey
Smoke Purple

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Customer Reviews
fishing fanatic
bright color,castable and dives with tail action   (from prior model)
Pros: good in murky water, chartruse color, hi-visibility
Best Uses: casting from shore
Comments: ease of shopping due to fish usa's format allowing user to pick from a manufacturers listing.product details and description of items, quick and easy ordering with prompt shipping.
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