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Color: Chrome
Color: Chrome
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Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons
Color: Chrome
Color: Gold

Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoon

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$3.99 - $6.99

Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons are an original design by Tony Accetta. This spoon makes quick work of predatory species on the shallow flats. The wide design of the body maintains a shallow running depth that is ideal for running over grass. The premium 24 karat gold and chrome platings create lots of fish attracting flash.

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3/8 oz.
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Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons are an original design by Tony Accetta. This spoon makes quick work of predatory species on the shallow flats. The wide design of the body maintains a shallow running depth that is ideal for running over grass. The premium 24 karat gold and chrome platings create lots of fish attracting flash. The Tony's Spoons are a great choice for all predatory game fish species. Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons feature heavy duty construction with corrosion resistant components for a long life of exceptional performance.

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Customer Reviews
Nice spoon   (from prior model)
Pros: Catches fish!
Comments: Caught 2 lake trout trolling this spoon (gold 3/8 oz) first time using it, then another one the 2nd time. Couldn't be happier!
Luhr Jensen Tony's Spoons   (from prior model)
Pros: Availability
Cons: non
Comments: I ordered the spoons on Saturday and had them by Thursday afternoon pretty fast, the spoons were not available locally so this was the only option. Good Deal
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  When ordering the Tony Acceta spoons I am assuming they come with treble hooks attached, is that correct?
June 29, 2017
Avid Angler
Colleyville, TX
  -   (1) / (0) :
All of these have treble hooks as shown in the main product page image. The pictures are stock-images provided by the manufacturer.
June 29, 2017
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
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