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Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Ups are popular, heavy duty, "cross base" style wooden tip-up. These tip-ups are made of quality hardwood and feature a brass locking tension system, a heavy duty polymer plastic reel, and a stainless steel trip lever.

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Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Ups are popular, heavy duty, "cross base" style wooden tip-up. These tip-ups are made of quality hardwood and feature a brass locking tension system, a heavy duty polymer plastic reel, and a stainless steel trip lever.

  • Heavy duty polymer plastic reel with storage hook holes
  • 500 ft. capacity using 36 lb. test line (line not included)
  • Hardwood cross-pieces
  • Stainless steel trip lever
  • Brass nuts and bolts
  • 12 in. grease-filled heavy copper tube
  • Brass, locking tension system
  • Heavy duty flag

Heritage Tackle Laker Classic Tip-Ups are made in the U.S.A.

(40 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.92%
Durable (20)
Easy To Transport (11)
Good Tip Action (5)
Sensitive (5)
No wind flags (4)
Poor Construction (5)
Needs to have metal spool (2)
Hard To Transport (2)
Best Uses
Large Fish (17)
Small Fish (9)
Ice Fishing (6)
Ice fishing (5)
Hard running big fish (3)

Customer Reviews
quality product 
Pros: fit and finish, size, durable, best tip up on the market
Cons: Needs to have metal spool
Best Uses: pike, Hard running big fish
Comments: I remember fishing with my grandfather many years ago and helping him set up his original heritage Lakers. They were a quality product then and are still in excellent condition. These new Lakers will stand the test of time as well. Apart from wear and the plastic spools that will be replaced they are the same tip ups I learned to fish with.
des Moines ia
Excellent tip up 
Pros: Easy to see flags
Cons: Wingnuts loosen up
Best Uses:
Comments: The best tip ups I have ever used. Large flags, large spools, and excellent quality make this a great product. Just keep a eye on the wingnuts holding the spool on.
HT Laker Tip Up Traps 
Pros: Well built
Best Uses:
Comments: These are built tough, And you can replace parts if you have to, I have had A few for years and never had a problem with them. They work great. I have three, Were allowed six, And a jigging hole. Love mine and catch fish. Fun to watch the high Flags go up.
tough tip up 
Pros: tall, tough, Easy to see flags, Heavy duty design, Large Capacity Spool, No wind flags, i
Comments: Built to last, this tough tip up is the best tipup I've seen or used. A collection of these should last a lifetime. Tall and visible from a great distance is great. 2 minor flaws: The wing nut on the drag is easy to lose if not careful. The reel shaft is only pressed into the wood and can be drawn out if the drag is overtightend and rendering the drag ineffective. Should be stored with flag extended.
n. NH
Double D
Good example of a tip up with all the right bells and whistles. 
Pros: Good quality and hi visibility.
Comments: I really like the fact that a portion of the red one (not sure about the others) goes to charity. The tall flag is a real help in visibility and I like the "drag" for the ability to add it easily when using a larger bait. It is pretty "wind proof" too. Hard to wind trip these babies. High capacity for line as well. All in all a great product.
Calgary Alberta
Great Tipup 
Pros: Tall, Large Capacity Spool, Smooth trigger
Best Uses: Deep Snow, Lake Trout/Deep sets
Comments: I like the traditional stick traps since they provide great visibility. This allows you to see above the snow and spread out your sets to cover a lot of water. Heritage lakers are good quality option.
Billy, D
great tip up
Pros: tall, easy to set up, don't freeze, very visible, great tip up
Best Uses: Hard running big fish, perch, and big trout
Comments: This tip up is the best tip up i use i have 10 of them they do wear out, loose wing nuts but they don't freeze and hardly ever have a false flag. I've found that they do have a little resistance on a strike so trout will sometimes let go. I use them for walleye, perch, and pike they work awsome.
Walleye Jim
This is the nicest tip up I've ever used 
Pros: Sturdy, Easy To Transport, Highly visible, Good Tip Action, Well built, Made in the USA, Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: For the little amount cost this tip up should last a lifetime, I love it and would encourage anyone to purchase they won't be sorry they did.
Cato ny
don,t think its not fun
Pros: Easy to like and use, Good Tip Action, Durable
Cons: Poor Construction
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: it easy 2 use when they work i found out that if u salad oil everwhere they will work a long time
union me
dont judge a book by its cover 
Pros: Easy To Transport
Cons: Poor Construction
Comments: One of mine broke when I pulled it threw a hole that had skim ice
springfield ma
Great Product 
Pros: Easy to Use, Durable, Easy To Transport, Don't Freeze
Best Uses: Large Fish, Ice Fishing
Comments: Awesome product, durable, easy to use, and gets the job done.
Central New York
Little JOE
Heritage Laker HD Tip-Ups by FishUSA 
Pros: Lightweight, Easy To Transport, Sensitive, Durable, Excelent tackle For Waley, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Large Fish
Comments: Best Tip Up On The HARD WATER, WELL MADE and EASY To USE, Will Not Give False FLAGS.---FISHON!!!!!
good stuff 
Pros: No wind flags
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: best tip up ever used
Sterling AK
just tweak the flag spring
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: Great tip-ups...ya might just have to 'tweak' the flag spring assembly to get the flag to trip, nothing more than turning the spring to align with the tripper on the spool, so easy, even a caveman can do it ;)
Lake George
Mr Brook Trout
Very good tip- up 
Pros: Reel hods a lot of line, Works well in the wind, Good Tip Action, Easy To Transport, Sensitive
Cons: Wood comes unfinished
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: The drag setting on the reel makes it easy to use very large live bait.
Rockwood, ME
Pros: Easy To Transport, Durable
Best Uses: Ice fishing, Large Fish, Small Fish
BlackIce Tailgater
Great product 
Pros: Easy to SetupTakedown, Very durable, NO FALSE FLAGS
Cons: Na
Best Uses: Large Fish, Everyday Including windy, Small Fish, Ice fishing
Comments: Best tip- ups I've ever used ! would Definetly buy again!
Great Trap
Pros: Well built quality, Easy To Transport, Great sensitivity, Sensitive, No wind flags, Durable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Great Trap, would reccomend this to anyone getting into Ice fishing, or someone who wants an improvement set. Buy It!!! you wont regret it.
central Maine
Hardwater Hooligans
Heritage Tackle Laker Heavy Duty Tip-Up 
Pros: No wind flags, Quick take down, Fast easy set-up
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: These are by far the best traps on the market, a bit pricey, but worth every penny. These are built to last a lifetime,and pass on to the youngsters.
Winchendon, Massachusetts
gone fishing again
solid construction
Pros: Easy To Transport, Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: East to transport, and will handle large northerns with ease. I like it so much got another 5, to use when buddies try and use there weak tip up, I have them use mine.
watertown, NY
So flossin
heritage laker 
Pros: Operation, Quality, Easy To Transport
Comments: great trap built to last a lifetime woudln't fish with anything else
south paris maine
Great tip up 
Pros: Well built quality
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Bought 10 of these tip ups they are great the others I was fishing with chased wind flags all day I chased flags but mine all had fish on!
Hoosick Falls NY
Impressive construction for the price. 
Pros: Well made, Durable
Comments: I have not had a chance to put these in the water yet, but I am very impressed with the construction and love the flag trip mechanism. I purchased 4 of these because last winter when the snow got deep I could not see my polar tip ups. I bought these based on reviews that I read, and they are every bit as good as people describe them to be.
Lehigh Valley, PA
Pros: Great tip ups, Beautiful when done, Easy to finish
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: These are beautiful tip ups. My brother will be surprised. I put 2 coats of poly on the lower half of the center mast to waterproof it better.
Wayne, NE
Good Stuff 
Pros: Durable
Comments: Great product but with some care they are even better, Lin seed oil to seal the wood and a through bolt to keep the spool on ...just in case, Other than that I can't wait for the ponds to lock up!
Rhode Island
Great Tip ups
Comments: I have 3 boys and have used these tip ups for a very long time. They get used hard. They need very little tune up each fall to get them ready and they are extremely well built. I tried a couple other brands before spending the money on these and I will never buy another brand of tip up again. These are the best.
Southern Maine
excellent investment
Pros: Durable
Comments: I had used 3 other brands of tip ups before purchasing a set of 5 heritages. These are simply the best you can get. 2 of mine would not trip when I first set them up but just needed to "nudge" the trip mechanism a little to line it up properly. [...] They have all worked perfectly since. The mechanism can be set with one hand. The flag is completely wind proof. They have never frozen up. I fish with this set 2 or 3 times a week all season and have never had an issue!
vt, ice fisherman
Cons: Difficult To Maintain, Poor Construction
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: in ten years the wood split around the reel pin. and had to replace the tip up or drill the wood and put in bolt with nuts on them. for the money you pay for them they need to re look at it.
Tip ups are Sweet 
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: These tipups are well built and the drag system works well
Solid tip-ups 
Pros: Durable, Sensitive
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: I have never had a problem with Heritage Lakers, Built to last.
not worth the money
Cons: Lousy tips, Poor Construction
Comments: the hardware are off line mine is any how
florence ma.
lousy workmanship
Cons: Had to add hardware, Poor Construction
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: i had to add hardware to make the tips stable
longshot 30
Very rugged,high visability tip-up. 
Pros: Easy To Transport, Great for deep water, Durable
Cons: Top heavy when tripped
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: Very pleased with construction,highly visable from a distance.Would like to see a more sensative trip and less recoil of tip-up upon flag up.
Flag won't trip 
Pros: Durable
Best Uses: Large Fish
Comments: I just received my first-ever Heritage Tackle Laker tip up. The componets appear to be high quality. I tested the tip up by setting up and was dissappointed because the flag failed to trip. The trip lever doesn't travel far enough to trip the flag. The reel just keeps turning and the flag stays down. [...]
Great product, priced right ([$]) 
Comments: I've been through every tip up contraption known to man, and these are the ones I've settled on as my overall favorite. They are the ones I recommend without any hesitation to anybody who asks. To anybody new to the sport, who lives in a 5-trap state, $100 or so (plus line) may sound a bit steep, but trust me, you're only delaying the cost if you don't get them right up front. (I should add that this does depend on the what you're fishing for. If you're happy with perch or small trout on a small pond, these are overkill. You wouldn't regret having them in that scenario, but you could get by just fine with something less.)If however you're fishing ponds/lakes that hold fish larger than say 5 pounds, and/or you're using larger/lively shiners, or you like to spread you traps out at a good distance - these are the right tool for the job.They are significantly better than the usual smaller springsteel flag, weaker, wooden rigs. For several reasons:- They're easier to set up and take down than most similarly designed rigs. They stay straight and don't flop over constantly. Just set and forget.- They're strong enough to hold a good size fish should you ever run out of line.- They hold enough line so you should rarely run out of line.- The flag trip mechanism is sensitive, yet solid enough to avoid most wind flags/false alarms.- The simple wing-nut drag system is easy enough to set if you're using big live shiners, to keep them from tripping the flag- And last, but probably most important for me personally, you can easily see them from a good distance. There is no doubt when the flag is up, because it's straight up and unmistakable, even a few hundred feet away.Are they perfect? No. A few minor complaints I have: - I can't seem to find a good source for replacement parts. (maybe they're out there, I just haven't seen them yet).- The screw/stud that holds the spool should be a through-bolt instead of screwed into the wood. I have lost a spool or two by pulling the tipup up through an iced over hole - I knew at the time it wasn't the wisest move, but I was still surprised to see my spool fluttering down to the bottom - twice.- I hated when they changed from aluminum to plastic spools, but to be honest, I can't complain yet about the plastic not lasting. - The drag nut - I don't know exactly what I'd prefer, but it seems a spring or something - maybe even just a spring washer, just something to smooth out the drag and make it a little more reliable and easier to fine tune. It's not bad, but it seems that with a little effort it could be better.- Quality control seems to be slipping. It seems the newer units need a little hand tweaking to get the flag to trip properly, and some of the parts need to be tapped tighter with a hammer. That's a silly problem to have, and I hope they get their act together. If you have a good product, the worse thing you can do is stop caring whether or not it works!These tweaks are obvious and easy enough to do - so it shouldn't scare you away from buying these units.And last but not least - stay away from bass pro shops and the big stores that try to sell these things for $33 and up! You should be paying about $20.
Like 'em 
Pros: Well built, Not as much as some, High Quality, Available parts by mail, Durable, Good Value
Cons: Little more than chepo's
Comments: I like them, they work well and i think worth the little extra $
new hampshire
excellent trap! 
Pros: High Quality, Durable, Good Value
Best Uses: Hard running big fish
Comments: ive used this trap for 25yrs. and i still use the first one i bought . ive caught muskie to white perch on these. they are great for deep snow because they are high. the high capacity reels are great for salmon and lakers that take alot of line! very low maintenence and durable! ive tried alot of different tip ups over the years and id definitly have to give this one a a+!
northern maine
great product 
Pros: No fish too big, Heavy duty design, Easy to see flags, Easy To Transport, Durable
Cons: Plastic spool looks cheap, Needs to have metal spool
Best Uses: Large Fish, Works great for big fish, Small Fish
Comments: these tip-ups have been great, the only problem I have with my recent purchase is that they have plastic spools, the originals that I have from about 6 years ago have a nice aluminum spool, which I believe is more durable and reliable than the plastic. However my new tip-ups have not failed yet.
tolland connecticut
Maine Guide
Top Quality Tip-Up 
Pros: Sensitive, Durable, Good Tip Action
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Small Fish, Large Fish
Comments: This ice fishing trap will perform as well as its compeditor at half the price. Reel drag adjustment is great, visibility also good.
Poland Spring, ME
Great product
Pros: Durable
Cons: Hard To Transport
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Comments: These tip ups are the best. I've caught almost every fresh water species with them. They are highly visable. Are tall enough to be seen by snowmobiles. They usually have reflective tape on them so they can be seen in a storm, or at night. I have never had one fail, or freeze up on me. I reccomend these to any body for any type of ice fishing.
Washington, Maine
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