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Hali Duo Lock Chains
Hali Duo Lock Chains
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Hali Duo Lock Chains

Hali Duo Lock Chains

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Size: 25 mm

Hali Duo Lock Chains fit the Hali "Sukkula" Jigs. These chains are popular for ice fishing and can be used to customize other jigs and spoons. Hali Duo Lock Chains feature snap connections on both ends.

  • Qty. per pack: 2
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Customer Reviews
Replacement Hali Chains   (from prior model)
Pros: Very easy to use with your own hooks
Cons: When lines tangle, it is always here
Best Uses: Quickly change hooks on Hali Jigs
Comments: Original Hali hooks quite often need to be replaced. This is the best option I have found.
Reedsville, PA
Hali Chains Work for me   (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Use
Best Uses: On small jigs for ice fishing
Comments: When used with minnows they have a more lifelike action
To Hook or Not to Hook   (from prior model)
Pros: Functional
Cons: Limited Design
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Ice Fishing
Comments: This duo lock chain allows you to use a larger hook on a Hali jig but the clip ends are the weak link. This product still improves the jigs function. I would purchase this item again.
Upstate New York
Not much of a choice   (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Use
Cons: Wears Out Quickly
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Same thing most everyone says about Hali jigs. Love the jigs but the chains are not very strong so need to buy replacements and the hooks are very poor. They bend and break easily. You'd thing after all the comments, Hali would at least change to better hooks.
Western New York
Nice product   (from prior model)
Pros: Durable, Easy To Use, Lightweight, Versatile, Great Design
Best Uses: Ice Fishing
Comments: Great for quick change of lures.
New England
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