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HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads
HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads
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HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads

HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads

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Size: L
Color: Black

HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads are designed for reducing the inherent risk of walking on icy or slippery surfaces. The black rubber safety cleats are easy to pull on and off, and feature four rows of steel "teeth" under the front of the foot.

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Full Product Details

HT Enterprises Sure Grip Safety Treads are designed for reducing the inherent risk of walking on icy or slippery surfaces. These are very popular for ice fishing. The black rubber safety cleats are easy to pull on and off your boots or shoes. These cleats feature four rows of steel "teeth" under the front of the foot.

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Size Chart

Size Chart
Shoe Size
3 - 7
Men's Boot Size
Less than 5
Women's Boot Size
3 - 7
Shoe Size
7 - 10
Men's Boot Size
5 - 8
Women's Boot Size
7 - 10
Shoe Size
11 - 13
Men's Boot Size
9 - 12
Women's Boot Size
11 +
Shoe Size
13 +
Men's Boot Size
13 +
Women's Boot Size
13 +
(63 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.100%
Good Grip (46)
Durable (42)
Lightweight (41)
Comfortable (37)
Dries Easily (14)
None so far (4)
Wears Easily (2)
Best Uses
Casual Wear (14)
Ice fishing (10)
Freshwater Fishing (4)
Great for ice fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Great value for price 
Pros: Generous sized for large pac boots, Easy to get on and off, Comfortable
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: multiple uses
Comments: I bought these specifically to fit over my pac boots for ice fishing. It took a bit to remain aware that there are no cleats on the heel, but they are easy on and off, fit my pac boots perfectly, and are just the ticket for ice fishing. I suspect if they are worn daily for other tasks that there may be longevity issues, but for ice fishing they are a low cost, get the job done cleat.
HT Sure Grip ice cleats 
Pros: NOT made in china!, Supple rubber, Good Grip, Generous sized for large pac boots
Cons: I expect these will last only 2 or 3 years, Silicone rubber would last longer
Best Uses: Slick ice walking, Safe ice fishing
Comments: These are a much nicer fit than the "South Bend" chinese units that broke the second season and these replaced them quite nicely... Priced well.
Newaygo CTY, MI
Great Product 
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Easy to put on, Economical
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: General wear for ice, Icy sidewalks
Comments: I found the sizing recommendations to be right on.
very good product 
Best Uses:
Comments: my post office women told me about these because I work out in the snow and ice and they are great I have had no problems with them if you have a big foot I suggest getting the biggest one they have.
worth the price 
Pros: Durable, Reasonably priced
Cons: too small; requires good effort to put on
Best Uses:
Comments: I bought them and they are sized smaller than advertised so I gave them to my wife and she likes them for local walking on winter roads. They are worth the cost, but you may find them to be too small.
Avid Angler
United States
These are easy to use and work great. Well worth the cost if your gonna be on the ice 
Pros: Easy on off, great grip on open ice
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: Great for ice fishing
Comments: Good product at a good value.
New Hampshire
sure grip safety treads 
Pros: Easy to get on
Comments: Idon't know how Igot along without them!!!!
Finally a pair that fits 
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight, Comfortable
Comments: Only cleats I could find that would fit and go on with ease over my size 11 Pac boots.
Quick on/off great for on the ice 
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight
Cons: Sizing issues
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: I would order one size larger than you think you need. The smallest size won't fit on much other than tiny boots or sneakers. These make a huge difference on the ice.
Davey Crockett
Slippery, NOT 
Pros: Stays in place, Durable, Easy on off, Comfortable, Good Grip, Lightweight
Comments: No more bumps and bruises
Havre, MT
Great on the lake! 
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Good Grip
Comments: I little effort getting them on my 2000 Gram thinsulate ice fishing boots, but once on, they stay put.
Allentown, PA
Hope to use trout fishing 
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing, Trout fishing in streams
Comments: Easy on and off.
Boca Raton, FL
I will purchase again! 
Pros: Easy to get on and off, Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight
Best Uses: Delivering in snow Ice
Comments: I am a fuel truck driver and these are a God send when it comes to walking on the packed snow and Ice! Not having metal on the heal part is better since I have tried both, and these are easy to get off when you go inside, although I leave them on when driving the truck.
Coeurdalene, ID
Keep you sure on your feet. 
Pros: Good Grip, Lightweight
Cons: Wears Easily
Best Uses: Rural Mail Man-Farmer
Comments: In icy weather I use them on my mail route for sure footing. Also use them on the farm for the same thing. Have tried several different kinds and they have been the best to keep me on my feet. The only problem I have had with them is the toe part will break and not stand much wear.
These things are GREAT! 
Pros: Easy to put on, Good Grip, Durable
Cons: Buy next size up
Best Uses: General wear for ice
Comments: I used these all winter in the ice and snow. Especially for snow blowing and just getting around in the icy weather. They work great! I find for me, buying one size up from recommended sizing is easier to put on. Have bought these for gifts for my friends and recommended them for other people too.They also thought they worked great.
New Jersey
Bob Pro Photoman
get a grip 
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Keeps me safe, Comfortable
Best Uses: Walking on ice
Comments: this new england winter was especially bad for ice on walkways and roads - these grips saved my [*] several times from fallingmuch thanks for a great product
Chelmsford MA
Sharon Cherokee Rose
Buy it now you will like it to the max 
Pros: Durable, Comfortable, Lightweight, Med fit female size 6, Good Grip, Dries Easily
Cons: Lg fits mens 7-10 love it
Best Uses: Out door in icesnowmud
Comments: I Bought 4 pairs for my self, teens, and husband after the last Ice storm it was a must just to walk out doors. we bass fish but this was really used on our farm as we work the kennel, deer feeders and so forth out doors. Also got elderly parents a pair last year so they can get a grip from their home to auto to walk into store, so they will not fall and fell safe doing so. You just got to get them they will not wear out. ever
Ozark Mnt Arkansas
Awesome products 
Pros: Lightweight, Dries Easily, Durable, Comfortable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear, Horse farm and landscaper
Comments: This products is awesome, gave to all my friends on the horse farms and my other friend landscaper in the icy weather. I will be ordering a lot more for gifts etc.
Flemington, nj
fish slayer
worked as advertised 
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip, Comfortable
Comments: well worth the money
yuba city ca.
fischer man
Saved the day on the ice 
Comments: Saved the day
Northern NY
just ice fishing
I would buy this product again and again 
Pros: Comfortable, Durable
Comments: Very good product, great for icefishing and for days of ice on the driveway.
Craig the hiker, fis
We purchased again and again 
Pros: Good Grip, Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable
Best Uses: For elderly parents, For Ice
Comments: Got 2 pairs for my wife and I. After we tried them we realized the benefits for elderly parents... Purchased 2 more pair... then needed quick birthday gifts for Grandparents in Feb.. buying 2 more pair. Easy to put on.. but you can loose a bit of traction w/ the grips when snow packs the bottom of your shoe. Even so it is still better than normal shoe traction.
NW New Jersey
UPSer Cindy
Saved me from injury numerous times. 
Pros: Durable, Reasonably priced, Comfortable, Good Grip, Dries Easily, Lightweight
Cons: Strong rubber odor
Best Uses: Working outdoors
Comments: This is my second winter using these safety treads. I won't go another winter without them. I work for a delivery company and they have prevented me from slipping and falling many times. I have tried 2 other kinds of safety treads..both were more expensive and were not durable enough to withstand the abuse I put them through. These are well worth every penny I spent on them!
Northern Illinois
UPS driver Cindy
A "Must Have" for winter
Pros: Durable, Reliable, Comfortable, Economical
Cons: Strong rubber smell, No heel traction
Best Uses: Delivery driver
Comments: I work for a package delivery company and encounter many hazardous working conditions during the winter season. These treads have saved me from slipping and falling numerous times. I won't work another winter season without them! Last much longer than others that I've tried and very reasonably priced.
Northern Illinois
Old Workhorse
Wish we could fit them on our tires 
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip, Durable, Comfortable
Comments: For inclement weather
Tulsa, OK
Safety First
Great Value
Pros: Great Value, Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: Work Wear
Comments: Excellent value. We purchase for our Route Salesmen that work in all conditions. Haven't had a slip/fall injury since we began purchasing them.
Joplin, MO
Excellent Product 
Pros: Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: easy to install on boots, provide a good solid grip on the ice.
Loveland, CO
Finally, a good fit. 
Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Good Grip, Dries Easily, Durable
Comments: Finally found cleats to fit my size 14 Rocky boots. Easy to put on. Good grip.
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Comfortable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Tight Lines
Economical Ice Cleats 
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Dries Easily, Lightweight
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: I've used these ice cleats for over 10 years. They are very economical, durable, easy to put on and work well 95% of the time. The two drawbacks are: 1) If you start to slip, the ball of your foot usually goes up in the air and these cleats have nothing on the heel to stop you from slipping. 2) The actual cleats are only about 1/4" high and on rare occasions they get filled with snow / ice and don't work at all until you clear the cleats. I've tried all kinds of cleats and these are still my favorite. I don't recommend them for my senior citizen buddies who need 100% slip protection. They use a more expensive / heavy duty / high quality pair of ice cleats, like Artic Spurs, that fit in the arch part of the boot between the ball of the foot and the heel.
Zionsville, PA
Julie the HR lady
We are happy with our purchase 
Pros: Good Grip, Inexpensive
Cons: Strong smell
Comments: Purchased these for our employees since we were having so many falls in our parking lot that gets icy.
Lake Arrowhead, Ca
Great product at a great price!! 
Pros: Good Grip, Durable
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: Our company delivers fuel and LP and our drivers think they are fantastic.
Waverly, IA
These are the best grippers I've seen 
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: I use these for hiking on packed trails.
Milton, NH
Frog Catcher's Dad
Good Product 
Pros: Comfortable, Lightweight, Good Grip
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Ice fishing
Comments: I've worn these a couple of times, and they work very well. They seem well constructed and should last a couple of seasons. The cleats are low profile, so they are comfortable to walk in. I did order 3 different sizes, 1-XX to wear over my size 10 pac boots, the Large to wear over my regular boots and the XL for my work boots. All three fit fine. Three pairs [...] was less money than one pair of yaxtrax. I'm sure yaxtrax are good, but I'll stick with these. I don't think I've ever been dissapointed with an HT Enterprises product. This was my 1st purchase with FishUSA.[...] I'll be a return customer.
Western New York
Ned the snow man
This product works 
Pros: Good Grip, Comfortable, Lightweight, Durable
Best Uses: On ice and snow
Comments: I live in Vermont and these grips work on ice and hard packed snow where other grips have failed.
Readsboro, Vermont
Pros: Lightweight
Comments: Order extra large to put on snow type boots. Could use spike strip on heel area but all in all is alot better than nothing and easy to put on and take off. Easy on and off if you order larger size, also great to use around the house in winter ice conditions.
a dog lover
HT Sure Grip Safety Treads
Pros: Durable, Lifesavers, Dries Easily, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip
Comments: Have had the same pair for 3 years - am ordering more in case these wear out. I am 71, have osteoporosis, and live on a slope - has prevented me from falling on the snow and ice - highly recommend them!
The Jackal!
Stop Slip Slidding You're Day Away! 
Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Good Grip, Comfortable
Best Uses: Freshwater Fishing
Comments: I could kick myself for not ever owning a pair sooner:-) The sure grip is definitely an understatment. The material and design are nested with the ease of use and their dependability. No more slipping or slidding!
Angel Fire, NM
I love these 
Pros: Good Grip, Dries Easily, Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses: Casual Wear, Just walking
Comments: These cleats are great! I never leave the house without putting them on. They have saved me on numerous occasions (I'm a little accident prone). I don't go ice fishing but I use these all the time for safety.
Voorheesville, NY
excellent product 
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Wears Easily
Comments: This is my second pair of these treads.They go on easy and quick.No straps or buckles to tend with.They provide ample grip on slippery ice for stability and pulling sleds.Order the size larger than normal shoe size to allow for bulky winter boots.These are the only treads I'll ever use.
Don't slip and slide, stay upright 
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip
Comments: Great product doesexactly what they are supposed to. Stay on your feet. Easy on, Easy off
Ben the driveway sho
Strong Rubber Smell 
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: When I opened the plastic package, a strong rubber off-gassing smell took over. Even after two weeks of being in the open air in my Basement, they still smell like rubber from a few feet away. Other than the rubber smell, which is not all that objectionable, I find this is a good, inexpensive product that does what it is intended to do. I purchased them to shovel snow on a steep slippery driveway without falling. They work fine.
Henry Blue Ridge
No broken hip the simple way 
Pros: Dries Easily, Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: walk with safety and without fear.
Meadows of Dan VA
Works will like a charm! I love them/ 
Pros: Comfortable, Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight, Dries Easily
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: Walking on ice and a few inches of snow. I like them a lot. Seem to stay on boots which is a main interest of mine. Easy to put on, easy to take off
Western Mass
safety first
These Treads Sure Grip! 
Pros: Durable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Winter walking, Snow shoveling, Ice fishing, Reduces fear of falling
Comments: Walking on slippery surfaces is much improved with these grips. Wouldnt be without them! They are durable and even better- priced right! Can't go wrong!
New Hampshire
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip, Durable, Dries Easily, Comfortable
Best Uses: Casual Wear
These really work and last 
Pros: Dries Easily, Lightweight, Comfortable, Durable, Good Grip
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: i've been buying these for several years now. I have tried other similar products but these last and are the most affective.
I would buy again! 
Pros: Good Grip, Durable
Comments: We buy these for our Route Sales People each year.
Wichita, KS
Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Good Grip
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: These ice cleats are fantastic. I have already bought my son a pair. I would recommend them to everyone!!!
Erin, NY
I would buy this product again and again 
Pros: Easy to get on, Good Grip
Cons: No bad side to them
Best Uses: Fly Fishing, Freshwater Fishing, Casual Wear
Comments: These things are great. My husband has to go through ice and snow to work. He delivers heating oil house to house. He has had no falls with them on. Can also drive in them. I use them myself to go to bird feeders and mailbox. We each have several pairs. I have recommended these to all my friends.
Clinton, New Jersey
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Dries Easily, Comfortable, Good Grip
Comments: These are amazing! Tried other treads and they don't work nearly as well as these. Super easy on & off! I just bought more for EVERY pair of shoes I own... Working at the barn, walking to work, just can't say enough about these... I won't leave the house without them on my boots.
Concerned Kids
perfect solution for slippery surfaces 
Pros: Lightweight, Good Grip, Eady to use, Comfortable, Durable
Best Uses: Casual Wear, Walking to mail box
Comments: We bought these for aging parents that live on a lake. They love them and now are purchasing them for neighbors. They are a little tight to put on and take off so they dedicate a pair of boots to use for the winter and leave them on for the season!!
Hippy Joe
Haven't tried them but,I like them!
Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable
Best Uses: Casual Wear
Comments: Haven't tried them but,I ordered more!!
hiker bob
great inexpensive ice creepers 
Pros: Durable, Good Grip, Lightweight, Dries Easily, Comfortable
Best Uses: Light winter hiking
Comments: I don't use these for ice fishing but DO use them for light/medium winter hiking where crampons are too much and what's needed is a quick, slip-on, ice-creeper to get you across the ice patches. I have at least two pair for each size boot I own. They're great.
Camden, Maine
Author of The Soul S
Get a grip! 
Pros: Dries Easily, Lightweight, Good Grip, Durable, Comfortable
Best Uses: Icy sidewalks, Casual Wear
Comments: We have owned several pair of grips, but these are BY FAR the best we have come across. In our icy-snowy weather here in British Columbia it can be worth your life to walk on our slippery streets and sidewalks in the winter. These grips have given us as senior citizens, the joy of walking again without constant fear of falling. The snow does not pack between the tines as it does in other grips, and our first pairs gave us four years of heavy-duty service walking at least a mile or two a day on icy roads and sidewalks. It gives seniors, and those with osteoporosis confidence again to take those daily walks which are so good for us.
Revelstoke, British Columbia
The Horsewoman
Bought for all my friends and family!!
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable
Best Uses: Handling Horses, Casual Wear
Comments: I keep a pair in my vehicle for regular shoes. I also would not be without these handling horses. When the horse is slipping on ice and you are too, there could be disasterous results. Very easy to put on and take off. They stay in place as others I've tried did not.
Scotia, New York
Jr baker
The last pair lasted 8 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Pros: Good Grip, Durable, Lightweight, Comfortable
Best Uses: Great for snow shoveling, Casual Wear
Comments: The first pair lasted 8 yrs before my 9 month old puppy found them.
Glocester RI
Reduces worker injuries 
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Good Grip
Comments: We bought these for over 1000 route salesmen in 2005-06. Winter slip and fall injury severity (average cost per claim) has dropped by 85% over the past 3 winters. My route salesmen consider it a must have item in the winter.
St, Louis, MO
"I would buy this product again 
Pros: Durable, Versatile, Lightweight
Best Uses: Snow removel
Comments: Good quaility! Solid
Farmington Ct
EASY ON and EASY OFF !!!! 
Pros: Durable, Fast on and off, Versatile, Lightweight
Comments: Marathon Fire Dept for winter fire calls. Ice on top of ice!!! Reading city meters.
Marathon Iowa
Fisher Guy
Great performance for a low price 
Pros: Lightweight, Durable, Versatile
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: I use the product for ice fishing
Brookfield, WI
Ed, the Legend
Definitely worth the money 
Pros: Versatile, Lightweight
Best Uses: Great for ice fishing, To and from the car, After an icestorm
Comments: Ordered these for my husband, an avid ice fisherman; once his buddies saw them, I had to make another order. Another friend uses them to go from her house to car whenever we get our icy weather. They are very quick to put on and give great traction.
Indian Lake, Ohio
Good fit, excellent product 
Pros: Versatile, Durable
Best Uses: Ice fishing
Comments: Great product for the ice. Better to spend a few bucks and stay on your feet then to go with out and suffer the bumps and bruizes from falling on the ice all the time.
Oil City PA
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Will these ice cleats fit a size 15 shoe
February 05, 2019
Novice Angler
Homer Glen, IL
  -   (0) / (0) :
It is possible for these to fit size 15 shoes. The size chart only says 13+ so I cannot be 100% sure.
February 06, 2019
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
Will these cleats fit a size 15 shoe
February 05, 2019
Novice Angler
Homer Glen, IL
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