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Handle: G. Loomis Classic Flipping Sticks
Handle: G. Loomis Classic Flipping Sticks
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Handle: G. Loomis Classic Flipping Sticks

G. Loomis Classic Flipping Sticks

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Flipping is a technical form of heavy-duty finesse fishing. Yes, "FINESSE" and "HEAVY-DUTY" together may sound like an oxymoron, but most anglers choose to flip because the fish are in heavy cover where conventional casting just isn't an option.

The length of a Flipping Stick allows the angler to "swing" lures around into heavy cover so that they enter the water softly. And because they allow a vertical presentation, your lure drops straight to the bottom-unlike a lure that's cast and falls toward the angler, missing those important perimeter zones.

Often times, the real test isn't hooking fish, it's getting those fish out of the space you just flipped your lure into. You need a rod that can move fish quickly. These rods are built with a fast taper, and will do just that. The butt section collapses into the handle for easy storage.


FSR904X - IMX7'6"HeavyMod. Fast12-251/4-11 ext.
Specific Rod Details

FSR904X (IMX) - This is the original flipping stick, and it's an amazingly versatile rod considering the stiffness. The tip of this model is slightly softer than the other flipping sticks, making it flexible enough to cast Carolina rigs or big jigs. Anglers also use it with great success muscling largemouths out of deep-water weedbeds. It's an excellent power-fishing tool.

Customer Reviews
Well Worth The $$$   (from prior model)
Pros: Easy To Transport, Durable
Best Uses: Flipping Heavy Cover
Comments: Works great for flipping heavy cover and mats. also great for hauling them out and get them in the livewell
Okeechobee, FL
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