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Model: 26 in. Perch
Model: 26 in. Perch
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Model: 17 in. Sight Fish
Model: 24 in. Panfish
Model: 26 in. Perch
Model: 24 in. Walleye
Model: 28 in. Walleye
Model: 28 in. Walleye Bait Cast
Model: 30 in. Walleye
Model: 38 in. Walleye
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Clam Jason Mitchell Targeted Species Ice Rods are constructed of extremely sensitive, light, ultra fast action Hyper Modulus Graphite blanks and a high grade cork handle. Each rod is specifically designed to a certain species. These rods were designed by Jason Mitchell, one of the top ice fishing guides in the country.The light weight of these premium blanks provides lightest pick-ups, yet enables anglers to precision pound or shake even the smallest jigs to trigger strikes and eliminate lure spin.

Features of Clam Jason Mitchell Targeted Species Ice Rods include:

  • Hyper Modulus Graphite
  • High grade cork handle
  • Extremely sensitive
  • Species specific designs for Sight Fishing, Panfish, Perch, or Walleye
  • Baitcasting handle (on 28" M Walleye Bait Cast model only)


108471Sight Fish17"Med. Light
108475Panfish24"Med. Light
108477Walleye26"Med. Light
Bait Cast
Specific Rod Details

The 17" Sight Fishing rod is short and compact for comfortably fishing over the top of the hole for better comfort while sight fishing. This rod blank is extremely fast with careful guide placement so that anglers can effectively fight fish and have faster wrist snap hook sets. 

The 24” Panfish rod is short yet sensitive and is a favorite for anglers targeting perch, bluegill and crappie. The length enables anglers to fish closer to the hole and their electronics while targeting light biting panfish. 

The 24” Walleye rod is perfect for the tighter confines of a one man shelter or dark house. Fast action blank is very versatile handling a variety of spoon weights and swim lures.

The 26” Perch rod is designed with a medium light fast action blank. With a sensitive tip, yet fast backbone, this rod excels when combined with smaller jigging spoons and swimming lures or horizontal ice jigs that fish heavy. This rod is ideal for perch duty or makes an excellent finesse rod for walleye. This extremely versatile rod excels with presentations that range from hanger and dropper rigs, finesse spoons or horizontal riding ice jigs.

The 28” Walleye rod is the best overall selling rod action in the Jason Mitchell walleye lineup. Versatile length works well fishing outside or inside shelters. Fast action blank handles a wide variety of swim lures and spoons.

The 28” Walleye Bait Cast rod provides a high performance bait casting rod action for walleye fishing. Spiral wrap guide placement increases sensitivity and reduces ice build up. Great rod action for stroking swim lures and also matches up with a variety of spoons.

The 30” Walleye rod is a fast action rod action with a slightly heavier tip for working rattle baits, swim lures and spoons. This rods is a great rod choice for fishing current or targeting big fish water and the perfect tip for snapping 3/4 ounce or larger swim lures and spoons.

The 38” Walleye rod is a longer fast action blank ideal for fishing outside or hole hopping without having to lean over. Extra length also works perfectly when fishing off of ATV or snowmobile. The length of the blank makes this rod extremely versatile for a wide variety of line diameters and lure weights. This rods works well with most spoons and swim lures. While this rod is sensitive enough to hole hop for perch and walleye, many anglers also use this rod for fishing inland trout.


Customer Reviews
Jason Mitchell targeted Species 30" M Walleye   (from prior model)
Best Uses:
Comments: Excellent rod, very sensitive and nicely bilt.
clam 17 inch Jason Mitchell ice rod   (from prior model)
Pros: length and action
Best Uses:
Comments: This is a great ice rod for sight fishing in a shanty.It has a light enough action so you can feel the fish realy well. I put a Clam in line reel on it.After using it, I tried to order another but they were sold out.
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