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Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line
Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line
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Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line
Clear Mist

Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line

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$19.99 - $37.99
Color: Clear Mist
Spool Size
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Full Product Details

Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line is the next generation in fishing line, specifically designed for use with spinning reels. Berkley's unified filament technology bonds hundreds of stronger than steel Dyneema nanofilaments at the molecular level. The line is then shaped into a unified filament fishing line. NanoFil Uni-Filament Line casts farther and allows the angler to feel everything. Minimum diameter with maximum strength – this is the thinnest line ever made. Zero memory virtually eliminates line tangles with zero stretch for sensitivity.

Please note: Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line's Uni-Filament Technology is optimized for use on spinning reels and is not recommended for use with baitcast reels. The ultra-thin diameter of Nanofil may dig into baitcast reel spools during aggressive hooksets.

Berkley NanoFil Uni-Filament Line is made in the U.S.A.

4 lb.
0.004 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
6 lb.
0.005 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
8 lb.
0.006 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
10 lb.
0.007 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
12 lb.
0.008 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
14 lb.
0.009 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
17 lb.
0.010 in.
Spool Length
1500 yds.
(19 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.94%
Thin but very strong (3)
No memory whatsoever (2)
Zero Stretch (2)
Excellent diameter (2)
Castability (2)
None so far (2)
Best Uses
Light spinning tackle (2)
Lake fishing (2)

Customer Reviews
Excellent, but there's a break-in period
Pros: Castability, Thin but very strong, Zero Stretch, abrasion resistance
Cons: Needs a break-in period
Comments: I spooled up with the 10 lb for float fishing steelhead this year. I thought about going smaller, but went with the 10 so it was easier to work with. I had a tough time getting it spooled up on my own - it didn't want to lay down on the reel correctly. Easy fix, but worth knowing: you need to apply a good deal of tension to this line to get it to spool up correctly. Obviously you'll want a backing of mono (or just electrical tape) to prevent it spinning on the spool. After my first trip, I wasn't a fan. Had issues with wind knots and not laying down on the spool with light presentations. Not really a surprise given the above. I thought about replacing it, but honestly forgot before I went out again. I liked it better on my second trip. Still some minor issues, but I could feel it getting better as I used it. By the third trip, I was sold. It floats well, resists abrasion well enough, is thin, casts well, and is very strong. It just needs a break in period.
Avid Angler
Richfield, MN
Go Fisch
Excellent product 
Pros: Thin but very strong
Best Uses: casting cranks
Comments: Very smooth easy to cast especially after dark
Super Thin! Super Strong! Super Castable! 
Pros: Casts a Mile
Best Uses: Everything!
Comments: I've caught a 35in 15lb pike. 30 in 6lb walleye. 5lb large mouth bass on 10lb. And then go trout fishing with little lures. Great sensitivity combined with great strength this is the only line I will put on my spinning reels!
Great Smallmouth Line
Pros: Zero Stretch, Zero memory, Excellent diameter
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: River Smallbass
Comments: I used 6, 8,12lb for river fishing for smallmouth bass.The 6-8 were easy to break when trying to get snags out of rocks,trees etc. The 12lb was perfect,strong enought to get snags loose and thin enought for better casting and feel.I use a double uni knot to attach line to my flurcarbon leader.Line never tangles which saves time and aggravation. The sensitivity of this line is amazing!!!
South New Jersey
Superb line  
Pros: Many
Cons: None so far
Best Uses: Panfish
Comments: Superb line, zero memory, knot strength excellent (make sure you use the polymer knot they recommend and important to lubricate the knot before pulling it tight) last but not least you will not believe the distance increase you'll get casting this line every day spinning line now!!
South Florida
Best line for spinning reels 
Pros: small diameter, low memory, add distance, sensitivity
Best Uses:
Comments: This stuff is KILLER for spinning reels but I would not use it for bait casters because it will dig down on the spool. I am shocked more fishermen have not used this line. The way it is made it will cast further than about anything. The green color is great for clear water too. It has the lowest memory of most line too and you can feel everything on the bottom. Try it and see what you think!
Gökhan KÖK
Award-winning fishing line 
Pros: very fine, strong, can take away
Cons: durable and does not break
Best Uses:
Comments: a great product, about 8 kg of fish caught. I'm using spin in the hunt.
Izmir Turkey
thin of the thin  
Pros: No memory whatsoever
Best Uses: Light spinning tackle
Comments: easy casting its like floating on top water
Trader Jack
Nanofil is a no go
Pros: Casts well, Visibility
Cons: Many Lost Fish, Frays easy, Lost Lures, Breaks Off Easier
Best Uses: Lake fishing, No Abrasion
Comments: I have used this line on two other reels for yellow perch fishing. Works fine on a boat in the lake dropping over the side. In situations like steelhead stream fishing it just does not have the abrasion resistance and seems to break easily. I've had knots break open, I have lost fish (four this week alone)and lost lures because this line does not perform up to standards that we should reasonably expect from a premium fishing line. It has everything to do with not performing up to reasonable standards. I'm going back to Power Pro, or Fireline.
McKean, PA
Great line , Strong , Excellent casting 
Pros: Strong, No memory, Excellent casting
Cons: Price
Comments: this stuff cast excellent .
Fish Cop
Not one loop in two trips fishing 
Comments: So far, not one loop throwing crappie jigs. It seems to have solved that nagging line twist problem.
East Central Illinois
Great product!!!!! 
Pros: Excellent diameter, Good cost-effective, High resistance, Good price
Cons: Very sensitive to wind
Best Uses: Lake fishing, Surf fishing
Comments: Great line that can be used in various types of fishing, the only point against in my opinion is its high sensitivity to the wind!
Niterói, Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil)
bought nanofil fro fishusa 
Pros: Thin but very strong
Best Uses: Carp fishing on the bomb
Comments: used nanofil on camercial carp lake and had a 14 pounder out. the line is thin but very strong better for casting distaance only used it about three times but first immpressions are its great i will be geting more in the future if things stay the same with my catch . wayne
southyorkshire uk
Pros: Casts smoothly, Sensitive, No tangles, Casts farther
Cons: Arbor spins on reel, Expensive, Too visible underwater
Comments: Used 5' mono leader
Edgewood, NM
Best nano-filament 
Pros: Strong, Thin, Many applications
Best Uses: Subminiature sheath ties, Tie joints, Jewelry
Comments: None
A little pricey, but worth it. 
Pros: Easy to handle, Very Sensative, Casts great less tangles, very strong
Cons: Carry retriever, Needs backing
Best Uses: Light spinning tackle
Comments: the line lays well on reel, suggest backing when spooling. Line is very strong, if fishing down timber or heavy grass, have a lure retiever handy to take care of hang ups. I like this line for skipping soft baits under docks.
Valparaiso, I*N.
Russ of Dynalur
Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line 
Comments: I used the three pound NanoFil line for casting a 1/8 oz. in-line spinner lure. I was able to cast the lure appreciable distances with my light to medium action seven foot spinning rod. I caught several trout on the line where one was over two pounds. The line held up beautifully when testing the line in an aggressive fashion bringing in to net the caught two pound plus trout. So far, I'm very happy with this new product. The white colored line discolored to a somewhat light green color when passing through submerged aquatic vegetation; however, this does not pose any problems for me.
South Pasadena
grat fishing line 
Best Uses: Spin cast reels
Comments: A nice new fishing line. More like a brad not a mono.
West Seneca, NY
Doctor Steve
Amazingly Thin 
Pros: Castability, Thin diameter, No memory whatsoever, Great strength
Cons: White color, Good knots are essential
Best Uses: General Purpose Fishing
Comments: I was amazed when I received this line as it is so small in diameter I questioned its strength. After testing it, I now believe it. It has no memory whatsoever; pull a small length of the line out horizontally, let it go and it stays in that position. Casting distance is outstanding. Be sure to follow knot directions and bring a sharp clipper to trim off the excess line.
Denver, CO
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What knot is recommended to tie into backing? Can mono be used for backing?
March 13, 2018
Avid Angler
Goshen, IN
  -   (0) / (0) :
Monofilament would be the recommended backing material. An albright knot would be the preferred connection to the backing.
March 14, 2018
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
Since the color is not clear, should I use a leader?
March 11, 2019
Casual/Recreational Angler
San Jose, CA
  -   (0) / (0) :
Although it is not 100% necessary to use a leader, the additional stealth a leader will provide is never a bad idea.
March 11, 2019
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
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