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Anglers are addicted to catching bigger fish, more frequently. Now, you'll never stop improving with the ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker! The ANGLR Bullseye is a small Bluetooth button that pairs with the free ANGLR app to develop your fishing knowledge database. Don't worry - all of your fishing data is totally private, so you won't encounter any newbies flooding your special spots.

The Bullseye makes it incredibly easy to build your fishing intelligence with every click. One click of the button records fish catches with weather, water, and location details while two clicks drops editable waypoints with fishing notes, photos, GPS coordinates, and allow you to share privately or publicly. Other conditions such as wind data, air and water temperature, water height, and barometric pressure are automatically included from national data provider partners. After you're done on the water, you can add or edit information, log photos, species, or weights to customize your reporting. Your fishing analytics dashboard helps you uncover patterns, identify trends, and make better fishing decisions.

The AnglR Bullseye Fishing Tracker enables you to keep excellent logs of your fishing trips without your phone, at a phenomenal price point. On your next fishing trip, you can keep your phone where it belongs, in your pocket!

  • Weight: 0.48 oz.
  • Size: 0.75 in.
  • Compatibility: From IOS 9.0+, Android 7.0+, and Bluetooth 4.0+ with BLE
  • Clip, stick, or attach Bullseye Fishing Tracker to any hat, shirt, or lanyard
  • Connect directly to the free ANGLR App for real time fishing GPS fish finder
  • Click once to record fish catches with weather, water, and location details
  • Click twice to drop editable waypoints with fishing notes, photos, GPS coordinates, and share privately or publicly
  • Logged fishing activity can be accessed and analyzed using any smartphone, tablet, or computer via the free ANGLR web and mobile apps
  • The ANGLR app is 100% free, no subscription or extra charges
  • No charging required, up to two year battery life
  • No cell service needed
  • Weatherproof (IP54) and saltwater resistant
  • Up to 10 units can be paired to one device at a time
  • Manufacturer's one-year limited warranty

Fishing Intelligence with ANGLR:

  1. Plan: Prepare and explore. Explore waterways and add new waypoints before, during, and after trips. Review past trip data. Build your virtual tackle box. Share and plan fishing trips with friends.
  2. Record: Track and analyze your fishing. Log catches and automatically pull in weather, water, time, and location data. Start to finish trip tracking. Interactive video replays of your trips. Pair with optional tracking accessories.
  3. Improve: Compare and collaborate. Uncover patterns and trends. Layer historic data on maps. Learn and improve using your own personal fishing analytics dashboard.

All your fishing in one place:

  • Trips and Reports: Try replay, our unique video fishing report automatically created for every trip you record. See exact GPS route of your day on the water with all catches and waypoints. Quickly identify trends and patterns on the conditions tab.
  • Analytics: Review your trends and performance metrics automatically generated based on your personal fishing data.
  • Waypoints: ANGLR is the most powerful way to track and save your spots. Add, edit, delete, or share over 15 different waypoints before, during, and after trips. Layer historic waypoints and catches from multiple trips to review and analyze.
  • Catches: Capture every detail of every catch. Weather and water conditions are captured in real-time based on your location.
  • Tackle: Build your virtual tackle box and associate tackle with catches to gleam valuable insights from tackle reports that are automatically generated.
  • Pictures: Whether it's your favorite spot or recent catch, all your photos are securely stored and easy to find by trip, catches, or in one combined gallery.

Made for all types of Anglers:

  • Kayak fishing
  • Bass fishing
  • Drift boating
  • Powered boat fishing
  • In-shore Saltwater fishing
  • Offshore Saltwater fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Ice fishing
  • Bank fishing and wading
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Customer Reviews
Sarah K
Modern Log Book!
Pros: easy to use, app works well, Don't have to worry about charging
Cons: Small
Best Uses: River Fishing
Comments: The ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker is the next best thing to your traditional fishing log book without all the hassle of remembering data! At the push of a button on your phone and the Bullseye, you can track your fishing trip and mark fish caught and way-points. Bullseye also tracks trends in air temperature, pressure, wind speed, water temperature and cloud cover. The app is easy to use and you can personalize your trips with a title, target species, pictures, and more. I’ve never had the app crash or had any issues loading or saving any of my data. The Bullseye is small enough to fit anywhere and can be stuck to anything with the strong adhesive on the back. It is water resistant and even comes with a one-year warranty, free clip, and a lanyard can be bought separately. I've used this pike spearing, lake trout fishing, and hopefully will use it walleye jigging this spring! Definitely worth its weight in gold!
Avid Angler
Macomb, MI
Easiest way to log a catch and track your trip!
Pros: Easy to use, No charging needed, Bluetooth
Best Uses: Conventional fishing, Ice fishing, Deep sea fishing
Comments: One click and your catch is logged with GPS coordinates. Weather, weight and other details can be recorded as well. Fun and easy.
Burnsville, MN
Jef C Nelson
Make life simple!
Pros: easy to use
Cons: Non yet
Best Uses: Seems to be a fit for any type of fishing and or Hunting!
Comments: The Bullseye simplified Life on the water! Saved so much time than having to write stuff down or taking mental notes or reading articles! the Bullseye let's you live the moment! 1 click fish 2 clicks way point and best of it all is after the day is done go to the app and replay your day!
Tyrone, PA
Got a chance to use it this weekend. Love it!
Pros: Fast and easy set up, App is powerful, Don't have to worry about charging
Cons: Took a little to learn the app.
Best Uses: Seems to be a fit for any type of fishing
Comments: I'm glad I picked this up. I have fished with it once and love it. Super simple to just click the button and keep my logbook. Super cool to see all the spots I went to and what the conditions were. I know this is going to be very helpful in new year for my fishing.
Avid Angler
Pittsburgh, PA
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It said there’s a free lanyard you have to add to the cart, which one do you add?
April 02, 2019
Novice Angler
Erie, PA
  -   (0) / (0) :
The official ANGLR lanyard is the correct lanyard.
April 09, 2019
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
Will this work in Canada
November 20, 2018
Avid Angler
  -   (1) / (0) :
Yes, it works out of cell service too. I turned mine on when I was in airplane mode and it still recorded. Looks like i'll be able to log my trips in my secret fishin spots!
November 21, 2018
LandocalrizAvid Angler in 
Pittsburgh, PA
Yes it will as long as it pare with your phone.
November 21, 2018
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
Are all of my spots kept private?
November 21, 2018
Avid Angler
Pittsburgh, PA
  -   (2) / (0) :
All trip information, including spots and catches, are private and can only be seen by you by logging into your account.
November 21, 2018
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
Can the battery be replaced once it goes out?
November 27, 2018
Casual/Recreational Angler
Hugo, MN
  -   (0) / (2) :
After the battery dies, and it has a 2 year battery life, the battery is not able to be replaced.
November 28, 2018
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA
what do you do when the battery dies?
December 11, 2018
tequila bill
Advanced Angler
west babylon, NY
  -   (1) / (2) :
After the 2 year battery life expires, it is not replaceable and you need to purchase a new device.
December 12, 2018
FishUSA StaffProfessional Angler in 
Fairview, PA