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13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod
13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod
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13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod

13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod

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The 13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod combines high end materials to create a premium quality ice rod. Featuring solid Toray blanks and Evolve Performance guides, these rods are sure to feel every bite. It is outfitted with an Evolve reel seat with a white, soft-touch finish.

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26 in.
Med. Light
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The 13 Fishing Wicked Ice Rod combines high end materials to create a premium quality ice rod. Featuring solid Toray blanks and Evolve Performance guides, these rods are sure to feel every bite. It is outfitted with an Evolve reel seat with a white, soft-touch finish.

  • Solid Toray carbon blank
  • Evolve Performance guides
  • Evolve Carbon Divide-2 white reel seat
(10 Reviews)
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Best Uses

Customer Reviews
Dylan H
A short stick would be better (from prior model)
Pros: Maybe it looks cool
Cons: Poor quality, cheap components
Best Uses: Sitting in the garage
Comments: Made the mistake of buying three of these thinking 13 fishing built a good quality rod. Super disappointed...two of them broke at the butt of the reel seat the cheap plastic is way too brittle in the cold and the rod blank doesn’t extend into the handle giving it sub par feel vs rods of similar price.
This is a great fishing combo   (from prior model)
Pros: Great action on the fish that bite real light, I would say it is supurb
Cons: o, zero
Best Uses: when fish are biting real light
Comments: The price is right.Action is super.Performance is awesome
United States
Great ICE Rod   (from prior model)
Pros: Sensitivity, Quality, Comfort
Best Uses:
Comments: This pole is great for Crappies and Jumbo Perch. I have two Wicked Ice Rods,which substantially I use over my other ice rods. I love the feel, comfort and quality. Can't go wrong.
Central Minesota
13 fishing wicked ice rods   (from prior model)
Best Uses:
Comments: purchased the 31" MH. What a great rod for Lake Trout with 6lb test
upstate NY
Not Great   (from prior model)
Pros: light
Cons: crooked guides, stiff tip, short butt
Best Uses:
Comments: I haven't caught a fish with this rod yet so I can't comment on how well it works. I can tell you that the guides don't line up straight as they should on a rod in this price range. I am not really thrilled with the short butt either. Time will tell, but for now, I think one can find a better rod at a lower price with another brand.
Love It   (from prior model)
Pros: Fantastic lite action
Best Uses:
Comments: This little pole is great. I have the SUL 13 combo and love it so I thought I would give this a try since you can't get the other pole by itself. The action is the same as the combo set up. The handle is a bit different though but no problem. If you like a really lite action for ice fishing then you wont regret this pole. I do wish they would make it even snorter though.
Tiny Handle and Strong Back Bone (from prior model)
Pros: Price
Cons: Reel seat too small
Best Uses:
Comments: I like them a lot as I am a fan of short handles on most of the rods I use and I get my custom rod built with short handles, The back bone is great and the guides are too. Problem with them is the reel seat is too small for some reels and will not tighten down to hold some brands. Like the Okuma al-10 I have a case of. I heard they changed the handle for this season and so I will know when my order comes in. Any one that thinks it's not sensitive enough is not using a wire bobber, is all I can say about that. I use them on every rod and wouldn't think about not doing so unless I was using a minnow. But then you don't need sensitive either, because the bobber will tell you what you need to know, unless you are straight lining, then you use your fingers on the line to feel the strikes if you have a lot of line out.
awesome UL rod   (from prior model)
Pros: Nice Handle, Well built rod, Good price when on sale
Cons: Tip not as sensitve as other rods
Best Uses: perch, crappie and gills with a spring bobber
Comments: Very well built ice rod. Nice handle that fits good in your hand and the rod is very senstive with a good backbone. The only thing is if you like to watch your rod tip you may want to consider adding a spring bobber for light hitting fish.
eddie spaghetti
Wicked!   (from prior model)
Pros: Good feel. No need for a spring bobber., Decent price point.
Cons: None so far.
Best Uses: Panfish galore
Comments: Teamed with the Black Betty Ice Reel, this is a fine panfish rig!
Mercer County, PA
Seems Nice   (from prior model)
Pros: very sensitive - short handle
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: Really like the feel of the rod. Can't wait to get out on the ice and try it out.
South Bend, IN
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