FishUSA Sponsoring Nationwide Online Fishing Tournament to Benefit First Responders

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [August 11, 2021] - FishUSA ®, America’s Tackle Shop ®, is pleased to announce its partnership with The Behind the Lines Foundation and sponsorship of its upcoming “Guns And Hoses” national fishing tournament, powered by Fishing Chaos.

FishUSA has proudly partnered with The Behind the Lines Foundation, the non-profit charitable organization of Thin Blue Line Benefits Association. The Association provides healthcare and other benefits for first responders throughout the United States, including those that have retired. The Foundation funds counseling and mental health services for first responders who need assistance with such things as traumatic stress, severe depression and anxiety.

“Our goal is to provide a path to wellness for our hometown heroes in a safe and private environment, utilizing high quality providers behind the the lines, so they can get back on the line,” said Thin Blue Line Benefits CEO, Anna Reed, who also holds a seat on the Foundation Board of Directors.

All proceeds from the upcoming Guns and Hoses online tournament will be used to support mental health services to first responders through the Foundation.

“FishUSA is excited to be partnering with The Behind the Lines Foundation as they launch the Guns and Hoses national fishing tournament! The foundation (a 501c3 charitable organization) was created by Thin Blue Line Benefits Association to support the mental health needs of first responders. First responders proudly protect, serve, and care for our communities, so when we became aware of a unique way to recognize these great men and women, we quickly agreed to participate," said Jeff Parnell, the company's President and CEO.

Any angler in the United States can participate in Guns and Hoses. The two-week tournament will start Sunday, Sept. 11 and end on National Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Day, which is Sunday, Sept. 26. The tournament targets a variety of species so that all anglers can participate. Walleye anglers in our region, this one’s for you! It’s a great time in the season for this species. To learn more or to register for the event, visit

In conjunction with the Guns and Hoses tournament, FishUSA is pleased to launch an ongoing first responder discount program on its webstore and in its Pro Shop. Like its existing military discount program, the first responder discount program will offer 10% off most available fishing tackle and accessories. More information about this program, how first responders can join, and the military program is available here.

FishUSA Brings "Fishing Chaos" to Lake Erie for Online Steelhead Showdown Tournament

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [October 13, 2020] - With digital sports and online engagement achieving unprecedented participation during the pandemic, FishUSA®, America’s Tackle Shop® and one of the fishing industry’s largest online retailers, has teamed up with a leading technology provider to launch a one-month, online fishing tournament for steelhead anglers. Registration for the first-ever FishUSA® Lake Erie Steelhead Showdown, presented by Fishing Chaos, runs from October 16 - November 15. Registration is now underway HERE, or anglers can visit FishUSA’s Pro Shop in Fairview, PA to learn more.

Jeff Parnell, FishUSA’s President and CEO, states, “Our Steelhead Showdown brings a fun, innovative fishing platform to Lake Erie anglers who want to compete across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York in a convenient, COVID-safe way that is also fun and engaging.” He adds, “Fishing Chaos’ exceptional technology platform has hosted hundreds of online fishing events with thousands of fish entered during this pandemic. For only $10.00, anglers can compete, have fun, and in addition to bragging rights, they can win some great prizes, including a Lamiglas Closer Centerpin Rod!”

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with a world-class fishing retailer like FishUSA to celebrate Lake Erie’s steelhead heritage with a really cool online event that spotlights one of their many specialties,” shared John Calagaz, Fishing Chaos’ founder and CEO. “Our platform enables tournament managers to streamline their operations while making things like weigh-in and viewing the live leaderboard fun and easy for the anglers.”

“So many of our Pro Shop customers know how much I love steelhead fishing, so I’m excited that we can provide them with a new way to have fun this fall,” added Josh Feltenberger, FishUSA’s Retail Services Manager. “Our team is having a lot of fun sharing this news with our customers, and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top!”

About Fishing Chaos

Fishing Chaos is the first choice for a fishing app and platform that allows tournament directors to run their tournaments more effectively, fishing guides to manage their charter business more efficiently, and anglers to keep their fishing trips and tackle more organized. Always innovating, Fishing Chaos brings the latest technology to one of the most exciting industries in outdoor sports. Join now at and grab your free membership.

FishUSA Adds Jackson Kayak to its Expanding Product Line-Up

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [January 9, 2020] - FishUSA®, America’s Tackle Shop®, has announced the addition of Jackson Kayak to its expanding line of fishing kayak and kayak accessories, with the product now available for purchase online at www. and in the company’s Fairview, Pennsylvania Pro Shop.

“As we worked more closely with their team, it became clear that their commitment to independent retailer success is truly unique, and our companies share a common understanding that this sales channel is not only the backbone of the fishing industry, but also a catalyst in driving innovation and growth,” stated Jeff Parnell, FishUSA’s President and CEO. “In addition, their view of omnichannel retail is that the customer experience should be consistent across all retail channels--and we could not agree more.”

According to Doug Straub, FishUSA’s Senior Director of Merchandising and Marketing, "We're thrilled to be adding Jackson Kayaks to the FishUSA offering. Our initial shipment has just arrived, and with the addition of Jackson, we believe that we have the best fishing kayak selection in the country. This partnership takes us another step forward to bridge the gap between paddlesports and fishing tackle."

Doug Ragan, Jackson’s Vice President of Sales, is also enthusiastic about this new strategic opportunity. “Jackson Kayak is very excited to have FishUSA as a partner. They love the sport, as does Jackson, and treat customers like family. We look forward to doing great things together!”

About Jackson Adventures and Jackson Kayak

Jackson Adventures is the home of Jackson Kayak Fishing, Whitewater, and Recreational Kayaks; Blue Sky Boatworks; Orion Coolers and Orion Kennels. Now in its 15th year, Jackson Adventures is based in Sparta, Tennessee where our over 100 employees enjoy the company’s products in this river, lake and mountain-abundant area. Jackson Adventures is Outdoor to the Core™.

FishUSA Welcomes Kayak Bass Angler and Talented Personality Scott Beutjer to Pro Staff

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [September 10, 2019] - FishUSA®, America’s Tackle Shop®, is pleased to welcome Scott Beutjer to its Pro Staff. Beutjer joins fellow bass and kayak anglers Chad Hoover, Gene Jensen, Drew Gregory, Cody Milton, and Marty Mood; and Great Lakes open water anglers Pete Alex, Tony Roach, Ross Robertson, Roger Hinchcliff, and Rick Hajecki; as the newest member of its prolific pro team.

Regarded as one of the kayak fishing industry’s most creative and hard-working personalities, Beutjer hosts two growing online live podcasts, is an award-winning photographer, and is an active member of Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF), which is the kayak segment’s most renowned member organization and tournament series.

“In only two years, Scott has brought tremendous energy and personality to our industry, and we are excited to welcome him to our expanding pro staff, states Jeff Parnell, the company’s President and CEO. “He is an ideal complement to Team FishUSA, and his presence and expertise will only reinforce our position of authority in the broader fishing tackle industry as well as the kayak fishing segment.”

“That kayak fishing community is special, the connection and support the anglers share is unlike anything I have seen before. FishUSA has seen this firsthand by participating in events and they’re always spending time with anglers,” states Beutjer. “They are purposely building a foundation in the sport and I’m excited to help build on that moving forward.”

Doug Straub, FishUSA’s Senior Director of Merchandising and Marketing, agrees with both perspectives by noting, "Scott's positive disruption and relentless attitude in the kayak fishing space aligns perfectly with our America's Tackle Shop mission. He will play an instrumental role in assisting FishUSA as we play the industry’s lead role in bridging the gap between the paddle sports and tackle categories".

Beutjer is also quick to summarize his fast-emerging “influencer” status in kayak fishing and how he and FishUSA will collaborate. “My focus in the kayak community has always been on storytelling in the industry. Fan-based quality information delivered in any format possible. This new partnership is going to allow me to do more to help bring new fans and enthusiasts into the sport.”

In addition, he points out, “FishUSA and I have gotten to know each for over a year now by watching each other closely to see what type of impact each was going to make. Wait ‘til you see what we believe we can do together!”

About Scott Beutjer

A native of southern Alabama, Scott Beutjer his wife and three children now call west Georgia home. Scott is proving to be one of the kayak fishing industry’s hardest working personalities, and his passion for the community is contagious. He is an active member of KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing), and serves on numerous pro staffs, including Bonafide Kayaks, 13 Fishing, YakAttack, ANGLR, and Westbrook Supply Company. He hosts two of the industry’s most successful live podcasts weekly and is an award-winning photographer, with his work appearing across numerous publications and industry websites. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and spent 12 years as a Georgia Firefighter.

AFTCO and FishUSA Partner to Support GLATOS, Fisheries Research

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [February 19, 2019] - In a joint effort, FishUSA®, America’s Tackle Shop®, and the American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) are collaborating to give back to the fishing communities of the Great Lakes region by supporting the Great Lakes Acoustic Telemetry Observation System (GLATOS). At a time when Great Lakes anglers are experiencing record-breaking fishing opportunities, the retailer, manufacturer, and network of researchers is aiming to further enhance the region’s fishing resources long into the future.

GLATOS is a bi-national network of researchers who study how different fish species behave in the Great Lakes. Researchers capture a number of fish, surgically implant an acoustic telemetry tag, and release the tagged fish back into the water. The tag tracks each fish’s movement over time and transmits information to acoustic receivers placed throughout the Great Lakes.

Mark Haffley, Biologist with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and GLATOS researcher, says, “Better understanding fish movement and fish migration in Lake Erie is crucial in proper management of each species. As the Great Lakes change, so does the behavior of the fish within them. Studying their movement and spawning locations give us the best chance to make the proper management decisions to benefit not only the resource but the fishermen that utilize them.”

There are currently 69 active GLATOS projects throughout the Great Lakes and connecting waterways. Within these projects, dozens of species and thousands of fish have been tagged. The receivers have registered hundreds of millions of detections from the migrating fish.

From a Great Lakes fishery standpoint, the three-way partnership represents a big step forward for everyone involved.

“Scientists and biologists study the species we like to fish for, and their research helps set regulations so that fish populations remain healthy for recreational and commercial anglers”, says Justin DiRado, FishUSA’s Social Media & Community Outreach Manager. “Fishing license and equipment purchases help fund state fisheries agencies, and private businesses are working to offer better fishing equipment for anglers so they can enjoy those resources even more. Everyone is interacting every day, so we have to work together to create the best situation for the fishing industry and the environment. Forming this partnership between AFTCO, GLATOS, and FishUSA benefits anglers, scientists, managers, manufacturers and sellers of fishing gear, not to mention it improves the resources we’re all supporting.”

“You have a situation where researchers always need funding support for their work. AFTCO is a household name in saltwater fishing, and we’re diving head-first into the freshwater fishing market. What better place to make a statement than supporting the Great Lakes and the biggest freshwater [fishing] market in the country?” says Matt Florentino, AFTCO’s Marketing Director.

“FishUSA is elated to be partnering with AFTCO and GLATOS, and we look forward to an exciting campaign with these outstanding organizations. Although our website serves customers across the U.S. and globally, a significant number live and fish across the Great Lakes region home, and our Pro Shop and headquarters are only a few minutes from the shores of Lake Erie", states Jeff Parnell, the company’s President and CEO.

The three-way partnership formally begins in the spring of 2019. Through the partnership, a portion of proceeds from AFTCO and FishUSA sales will go to GLATOS to fund fisheries research in a region that supports thousands of jobs, millions of anglers, and a multi-billion dollar fishing economy. AFTCO performance apparel can now be purchased at FishUSA, co-branded apparel is in production, and contributions are already being made to GLATOS.

FishUSA Welcomes Professional Kayak Angler, Chad Hoover, to Pro Staff

FAIRVIEW, Pa. [June 27, 2018] - FishUSA ®, America’s Tackle Shop ®, is proud to announce and welcome professional kayak angler, Chad Hoover, in a unique merchandising and spokesperson role and as the newest member of its growing Pro Staff. Hoover joins Great Lakes anglers Tony Roach, of Mille Lacs, Mn., Ross Robertson, of Port Clinton, Oh., and Pete Alex, of Erie, Pa., as FishUSA’s fourth Pro Staff member.

Hoover, a Tennessee native and retired U.S. Navy officer and engineer, is a leader of the worldwide kayak fishing movement. His passion and talent for bass fishing and his desire to share the sport of kayak fishing has prompted two of today’s most popular outdoor television series, Kayak Bassin’ and Knot Right Kayak Fishing, which are produced by award-winning video production company, Heliconia, and air regularly on World Fishing Network (WFN) and Sportsman Channel. Hoover boasts the premier source for all things kayak fishing with his YouTube Channel and maintains an extensive social media presence. Hoover also founded and runs Kayak Bass Fishing - the nation's biggest kayak fishing tournament series.

“As America’s Tackle Shop, FishUSA has established a well-earned reputation for expertise in fishing tackle, and they share my vision for continuing to make kayak angling the fastest growing segment in the market,” says Hoover. “I’m excited about the future with FishUSA and looking forward to helping create the most comprehensive kayak fishing pro shop experience possible!”

“With his dynamic personality and larger-than-life appeal, Chad offers a vast knowledge of and enthusiasm for kayak fishing, and we are excited to have him on our FishUSA team,” says FishUSA CEO, Jeff Parnell. “Customers across the U.S. appreciate our product selection, expertise, and fast, quality service, and this collaboration is an opportunity to share our commitment to the sport with kayak and other anglers everywhere. We are also proud to support Chad’s Kayak Bassin’ and Knot Right Kayak Fishing shows--which air on the Sportsman Channel, World Fishing Network (WFN), and YouTube--and are excited about this opportunity to serve kayak anglers with an expanding product assortment and our commitment to world class service.”

FishUSA’s growing selection of kayak angling gear and accessories currently features popular brands like Bonafide, Bending Branches, YakAttack, YakGear, RAILBLAZA and Malone. Products from Torqeedo, NRS and Nines, along with additional brands, will be added soon. The growing kayak angling segment continues to build FishUSA’s reputation as a one-stop online tackle shop, as it accompanies its walleye, trout, salmon and steelhead, panfish, bass, ice and fly fishing offerings.

“I’m excited to be partnering with FishUSA and look forward to combining my kayak fishing expertise with their world class business practices, customer service and product selection to create the best kayak fishing pro shop and tackle store on the planet,” says Hoover. “I encourage kayak and bass fishing enthusiasts to visit their website or pro shop today!”