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NewLunkerhunt Bento Minnow
Lunkerhunt Bento Minnow
7 Colors available
Known as the most realistic baitfish imitator on the market, the Lunkerhunt Bento Minnow puts fish in your boat! The Bento Minnow features a soft yet durable body with a narrow profile and lively tapered split tail. Its unique holographic core creates flashes of light to attract hungry fish to your area. The split tail comes alive with the slightest movement of your rod. The Bento can be used to target a variety of freshwater and saltwater species including bass, panfish, pike, walleye, snook, o...
NewLunkerhunt Leech
Lunkerhunt Leech
4 Colors available
Catch Big Fish with the Lunkerhunt Leech! This imitation leech features an anatomically correct design. To mimic the look of a threatened leech, its neutral buoyancy imparts a lively ribbon-swimming action that gamefish cannot resist! The Leech is impregnated with fish protein for added scent attraction. For the most enticing and natural presentation, you can rig it in the nose or tail. Use the Lunkerhunt Leech when you're targeting freshwater bass, walleye, pike, trout, panfish and saltwater sa...
NewLunkerhunt Fillet Crankbait
Lunkerhunt Fillet Crankbait
8 Colors available
Designed to catch all species of gamefish, you can't go wrong with the Lunkerhunt Fillet! This lipless sinking crankbait features a slow sink rate, keeping you in the strike zone longer. Great for shallow fishing around grassy areas, it maintains a natural, nose-down, bottom-feeding position when at rest. While looking like a snack, its internal rattle wakes up fish and calls them to eat. This versatile rattlebait is excellent for slow rolling, vertical jigging, or ripping techniques.
NewLunkerhunt Swim Bento Minnow
Lunkerhunt Swim Bento Minnow
5 Colors available
The Lunkerhunt Swim Bento Minnow looks so realistic; it might even trick you into thinking it's a live minnow! To imitate the appearance of baitfish, this swimbait features a soft, durable body with a narrow profile that helps you fish through vegetation. This minnow features a holographic core with 3D eyes to create flashes of light to attract fish to your area. When rigged on a swimbait jig, its lively paddletail produces a tight, nervous shimmy to trigger strikes from predatory fish looking f...
NewOkuma Dead Eye Classic Spinning Rod
Okuma Dead Eye Classic Spinning Rod
4 Models available
As soon as you get your hands on the Okuma Dead Eye Classic Spinning Rod, it will quickly become your new favorite jigging rod! The Dead Eye Classic Rod utilizes Ultimate Flex Reinforcement (UFR) technology in the tip to increase lifting strength and power by 400 percent! The process blends unidirectional fiber over an ultra-responsive 24-ton carbon blank to give you the ultimate in strength without sacrificing sensitivity. The spinning rod is outfitted with rugged stainless steel guide frames w...
$54.99 - $59.99
NewOkuma Avenger New Generation Spinning Reel
Okuma Avenger New Generation Spinni...
7 Models available
Okuma's longest standing reel family just got better! The Okuma Avenger New Generation Spinning Reel utilizes Okuma's superior proprietary technologies with one new key feature: Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR) technology. CFR significantly increases airflow throughout the rotor to dry the reel faster, thus minimizing corrosion. This spinning reel also features a corrosion-resistant graphite body and rotor with a multi-disc felt drag system that provides smooth line movement. For the ultimate in smooth...
$39.99 - $59.99
NewSufix Advance Hyper Copolymer Advanced Monofilament Line
Sufix Advance Hyper Copolymer Advan...
Low-Vis Green
Once you try Sufix Advance Hyper Copolymer Advanced Monofilament Line, you will never use a standard mono line again! Built using a proprietary magnetic extrusion process, HMPE molecules are blended with the hyper copolymer nylon to create a durable, abrasion-resistant surface without forfeiting suppleness. Sufix Advance Line provides excellent control with ultimate bite detection and hook-setting power. Its low stretch and G2 precision winding makes it handle perfectly for precise presentations...
$10.99 - $11.99
NewRoboworm Fat Straight Tail Worms
Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worms
19 Colors available
When nothing else seems to be working, Roboworm Fat Straight Tail Worms will help you get to your limit quick! Featuring a thicker head with a smooth profile, they resist tearing and perform well on a Texas rig. These versatile finesse worms are also great on a drop shot or shaky head. You can also catch bass using a Carolina, wacky, or mojo rig. These soft fishing lures offer supple, wiggling action and work great in clear waters. Made with a state-of-the-art robotic pour system, salt is added...
NewRoboworm Straight Tail Worms
Roboworm Straight Tail Worms
33 Colors available
As some of the most popular finesse worms on the market today, Roboworms Straight Tail Worms produce excellent wiggling and quivering action. The skinny body is built with very soft plastic and features nearly perfect buoyancy. Straight Tail Worms will move naturally in the current, and you don't have to do a thing! You can use these versatile worms on a Texas rig, wacky rig, or a shaky head jig, but they really shine on a drop shot rig. Made with a state-of-the-art robotic pour system, salt is ...
$3.99 - $4.29
NewRoboworm Ned Worm
Roboworm Ned Worm
20 Colors available
Attention bass anglers! The Roboworm Ned Worm is the only ned worm you'll need in your fishing arsenal. Made with a state-of-the-art robotic pour system, salt is added directly into the head of the worm for a slow-release system. To make bass hold on longer, a burst of salt is released when it bites, giving you plenty of time to set your hook. The Ned Worm features a thicker profile with soft textures to create a quiver and shimmy action. The worm's flat belly allows it to glide naturally as it ...
$3.99 - $4.29
NewDaiwa D-Vec Camo Trucker Hat
Daiwa D-Vec Camo Trucker Hat
Gray Camo
The Daiwa D-Vec Camo Trucker Hat is a comfortable and adjustable hat that features the new expanded D-Vec logo. This camo hat comes in a one size fits most with a breathable mesh back and is made with a durable poly/cotton blend material.
NewReins Ax Claw
Reins Ax Claw
10 Colors available
The Reins Ax Claw is one of the most attractive soft baits for bass on the market today. Incredibly versatile, the Ax Claw can be utilized successfully in many different presentations. It is exceptionally deadly on a Texas rig but also proven effective when used as a jig trailer on a swim or football jig. You can even add a skirt to create a more substantial presence in the water. Its thick, ribbed body releases air bubbles as it sinks, while its oversized claws generate a lot of enticing moveme...
NewReins C-Pod Creature
Reins C-Pod Creature
7 Colors available
The Reins C-Pod Creature was designed to be a larger version of a Copepod, a zooplankton that is a bass' first meal. Its bulky body and many tentacles produce tons of subtle action. Once a bass sees the C-Pod Creature, its instincts take over, triggering a strike. This soft plastic fishing lure can easily fit a 5/0 hook providing you with multiple rigging options. You can flip, pitch, swim, or drop shot it. You can use it on a Carolina or Texas rig, moving it slowly and off the bottom. The C-Pod...
NewReins Punchin' Predator
Reins Punchin' Predator
10 Colors available
The Reins Punchin' Predator is designed explicitly for flipping, pitching, and punching through thick vegetation where bass like to hide. This soft lure features a thick, ribbed body with round claws and a flat tail that creates a smooth, natural gliding action. If you come across laydowns, docks, or shoreline structures, the Punchin' Predator can slip in and out of that area flawlessly. This soft bait works great on a Texas rig or shaky head jig. You can bounce it on the bottom to look like a c...
NewReins Paddle Tail Worm
Reins Paddle Tail Worm
8 Colors available
Reins Paddle Tail Worms are your go-to worms, fully customizable to fit multiple presentations and techniques. These worms do it all and do it better. These baits are built with a specially formulated soft plastic that allows you to modify and cut the tail in different shapes easily. Straight out of the bag, you have a 6-inch worm with a unique paddle tail that produces vibrations with every thump. You can modify the tail by cutting it to make a forked or notched tail, or remove the tail for a c...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait
Tightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait
7 Colors available
The Tightlines UV Whiskers Nedbait features a small, streamlined body that is perfect for ultra-finesse presentations and bright UV coloring to attract even the pickiest of fish. Made to be fished in a small jig head as per the Midwest finesse technique (or Ned Rig), this Nedbait worm also features silicone whiskers to add extra mouth-watering flair. The Nedbait is also infused with the FishBomb garlic scent, a Hi-Viz UV additive that can be seen, smelt AND tasted! Tightlines UV uses UV technolo...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scott Martin The Punch
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scot...
15 Colors available
Developed with professional angler Scott Martin, the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Scott Martin The Punch has the best features to penetrate thick vegetation and move smoothly through structures where bass hide. It was specifically designed to increase interest from bass while you are punching and flipping this bait in and out of cover. Its streamlined profile easily maneuvers around cover with fewer snags. Molded claws will float in the water while the twin set of flowing silicone whiskers cre...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Hog
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-B...
11 Colors available
Fish have never seen anything like the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Hog. The unbelievably unique soft bait has incorporated some of the most desired attributes to mimic a variety of different creatures in the water. Its ribbed body features an internal rattle with a premium silicone skirt threaded through it. Also, it has a dual set of flippers and twin curly tails to create phenomenal action, displacing a ton of water. Infused with FishBomb crawfish scent, this attractive soft bait wi...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Craw
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-B...
21 Colors available
You have never seen anything like the Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Hy-Brid Craw! The front cavity of its body is hollow with a rattle inside that makes a click'n craw sound with every rod twitch. It features flapping claws that resemble a crawfish and flowing whiskers that creates wild movements in the water. Infused with FishBomb crawfish scent, this attractive soft bait will draw fish to your area and trigger strikes. If you desire a large wild presentation while you are targeting bass, this...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig
Tightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig
13 Colors available
The Tightlines UV Whiskers WHenko Rig combines a UV bright coloring with dual silicone skirts to create an attractive yet naturally flowing action that bass cannot resist. This beefy, unconventional stickbait is perfect for power anglers looking to catch their next trophy fish. If your fishing style is more Midwest Finesse, you can customize your rig by cutting the segmented worm in half. The WHenko rig is infused with the FishBomb garlic scent, a Hi-Viz UV additive that fish see, smell, and tas...
NewSnag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Buzz Frog combines the best of two effective topwater lures for a presentation that will demand the attention of any bass. This combination of hollow-body frog and buzzbait is bursting with features such as a lightweight aluminum blade, Snag Proof's classic hollow frog body with inner tube technology, kicking paddle feet, and a super sharp Gamakatsu extra wide gap double hook. This bait is ideal for fishing shallow waters and calling up explosive strikes.
NewSnag Proof Wobbletron Frog
Snag Proof Wobbletron Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Wobbletron Frog combines an excellent kicking action with a precisely weighted body design to give you a superior frog. Professional angler, Bobby Barrack, has teamed with Snag Proof to make this weedless, easy-to-cast frog that provides solid hook-ups and a great gurgling and churning action from the kicking feet. This bait also includes a loud internal glass rattle and a custom-made Gamakatsu double hook. Fish it anywhere - heavy cover, grass, open water, around docks and wooded...
NewSnag Proof Phat Frog
Snag Proof Phat Frog
5 Colors available
The Snag Proof Phat Frog is a go-to topwater bait, whether you're fishing bass in open water or thick cover. The Phat Frog features a heavier body for stronger casts, even on windy days, and the position of the legs provides for better hooksets. A flatter profile makes this lure track smoothly through vegetation, and super-strong and a super-sharp Gamakatsu extra wide gap hook makes this soft, durable frog deadly.
NewSnag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog
Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog
8 Colors available
The Snag Proof Bobby's Perfect Frog is the combination of an old classic and professional modifications. Professional angler, Bobby Barrack, has found success for over 13 years with Snag Proof's hollow-body frogs - but he has always used his own modifications. Now, you can buy the frog with his adjustments, tie it on, and throw it right out of the package. Walk this bait like a pro next to boat docks, over wood, through lily pads and vegetation. Bobby Barrack himself recommends using this bait w...
NewTightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Sow Belly Twisters
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Sow ...
20 Colors available
Tightlines UV Whiskers Rattl'N Sow Belly Twisters are designed with a fish's visible light spectrum in mind. Fish see UV colors better than natural colors underwater, making most conventional soft plastics nearly invisible past certain depths. While many soft baits focus solely on movement and scent, Tightlines UV's baits also work with your prey's sense of sight. Reflecting UV light 4 to 7 times better than other conventional soft plastics, these Rattl'N Sow Belly Twisters are like turning a li...
NewOkuma Voyager Express Spinning Combo
Okuma Voyager Express Spinning Combo
3 Models available
The Okuma Voyager Express Spinning Combo is one of the lightest combos made especially for traveling anglers looking for the ultimate balance of sensitivity and strength. These combos merged Okuma's high-end technologies and materials in an affordable and lightweight package, perfect for new or amateur fishermen. Its durable graphite composite blank is available in either a 5-piece or telescopic form for easy transportation. This combo features the Aria spinning reel with a cyclonic flow rotor t...
Okuma Dead Eye Pro Spinning Rod
Okuma Dead Eye Pro Spinning Rod
9 Models available
Explicitly designed for walleye jigging, the Okuma Dead Eye Pro Spinning Rod is exceptionally lightweight and ultra-responsive. The strong 30-ton carbon rod blank is sturdy enough to handle large fish while remaining sensitive enough to feel the most subtle bites. Outfitted with corrosion-resistant Sea Guide XO guide frames with zirconium inserts, you can expect fewer line twists and a reduction in line abrasion. Basically, your line is going to move smoother without tangles. Cork handles increa...
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jig
7 Colors available
Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jigs are vertical jigs designed to mimic baitfish better than any other vertical jig. These jigs can fish in any type of fishing conditions. Lunkerhunt Straight Up Jigs can be used aggressively or for slow strikes and are commonly used for ice fishing.
$5.79 - $5.99

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