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Offer AvailableCustom Jigs & Spins Rattlin RPM Minnow
Custom Jigs & Spins Rattlin RPM Minnow
5 Colors available
The Custom Jigs & Spins Rattlin RPM Minnow was designed to attract fish from afar with its distinct tail rattle. The smaller, more compact profile, features a belly hook with eye attractor. It also has a unique swivel eyelet that minimizes line twist while creating a realistic minnow swimming action. It can be fished in a variety of ways, such as, short snaps to attract fish and short jiggles to activate the rattle. The Rattlin RPM Minnow is sure to be a lethal addition to your tackle box.
Offer AvailableRapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad
Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad
14 Colors available
The Rapala Scatter Rap Glass Shad features a custom scatter lip that will consistently deliver erratic and evasive sweeping actions. The see-thru body takes on a realistic look as it radiates and reflects surrounding colors. The Scatter Rap Glass Shad mimics vulnerable baitfish as its cast or trolled. This is a perfect lure choice for all types of gamefish.
Offer AvailableBandit 200 Series Crankbait
Bandit 200 Series Crankbait
31 Colors available
Bandit 200 Series Crankbaits feature a high-quality construction that allows for outstanding action and durability. With a rounded lip, these crankbaits stay true every time and come in a variety of species, perfect for any condition or situation.
Offer AvailableStorm Arashi Vibe
Storm Arashi Vibe
14 Colors available
Storm Arashi Vibes are expertly designed with soft knock rattles, rotated hook hangers, VMC black nickel hooks, and custom self-tuning line tie to get you the most hits, even in unfavorable conditions. These lures produce a soft rattle and subtle vibration to attract without being overwhelming. The sleek design results in extremely slow speeps whether using a lift-and-fall technique or a steady retrieve. Rotated hook hangers keep the hooks close to the body and help prevent hangups, while the se...
Offer AvailableBomber Deep Long A Lure
Bomber Deep Long A Lure
37 Colors available
Bomber Deep Long A Lures feature the Bomber trademark tight wiggle and rolling movement that creates a life-like swimming action. Deep Long A Lures produce the same seductive action whether fished with a slow retrieve or at a faster trolling speed using a downrigger. The molded-in lip design of the Deep Long A Lures gives them added strength and true-running performance. Bomber Deep Long A Lures are great for targeting bass, walleye, pike, salmon and trout.
$5.99 - $6.79
Offer AvailableSilver Streak Blade Bait
Silver Streak Blade Bait
9 Colors available
Silver Streak Blade Baits were designed to vibrate as they move through the water or while jigged. Built with a strong, durable body and hooks, these baits were meant to last. Silver Streak Blade Baits are great for casting or jigging for all kinds of gamefish.
Offer AvailableBay Rat Lures Short Shallow Diver
Bay Rat Lures Short Shallow Diver
33 Colors available
The Bay Rat Lures Short Shallow Diver features a unique design, made by anglers for anglers targeting all species of gamefish from Walleye, Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and Bass to inshore species like Redfish, Snook and Speckled Trout. The Bay Rat Lures Short Shallow Diver features a wide body profile that provides a attractive minnow wobble action. These lures are offered in a 1/4 oz. 3.5" size in 24 hand-painted colors. Bay Rat Lures Short Shallow Divers will dive to a depth of approximately 1 - ...
Offer AvailableLindy River Rocker
Lindy River Rocker
13 Colors available
Lindy River Rockers are extremely versatile lures that run true in calm waters or heavy currents. These lures have a curved body shape that produces a wide rocking wobble when cranked or trolled. The extreme action that is produced will draw strikes from a wide variety of species and they truly shine when used in fast running waters.
Offer AvailableSmithwick Suspending Elite 8 Rogue
Smithwick Suspending Elite 8 Rogue
13 Colors available
The Smithwick Suspending Elite 8 Rogues have a loud internal rattle and dive quickly down to depths of 8 feet to grab the attention of large hungry fish. These lures have an erratic darting action when twitched and have color patterns for both clear and darker water conditions. The translucent models are designed for clearer conditions while the chrome and gold models are made for unclear conditions.
Offer AvailableRapala Rippin' Rap
Rapala Rippin' Rap
17 Colors available
Rapala Rippin' Raps feature a deep bodied lipless profile designed to be cranked, ripped, swam or jigged. The skinny profile allows these baits to flutter on the fall. Whether retrieved fast or slow, Rapala Rippin' Raps have a rapid vibrating action accentuated by the loud BB rattle system. Textured scales, gills and 3D holographic eyes add to the fish attracting features of these lures.
Offer AvailableRapala Jigging Shad Rap
Rapala Jigging Shad Rap
14 Colors available
Rapala Jigging Shad Raps feature a proven shad shape in a jigging lure. The larger profile shad shape swims in circles when jigged, enticing suspended game fish making them the perfect lure for vertical jigging off boats and docks or through the ice. These lures feature single reversed hooks front and rear and a center treble hook under lure. Zinc weighted to get deep fast. Available in two sizes, each in 17 colors.
Offer AvailableReef Runner 600 Series Deep Little Ripper
Reef Runner 600 Series Deep Little ...
36 Colors available
Reef Runner 600 Series Deep Little Rippers are popular casting and trolling lures. All of Reef Runner's crankbaits are designed, tested, handcrafted and painted in the USA. Deep Little Rippers are rattling minnow imitators designed to deliver a wide erratic swimming action. These tournament winning jerkbaits have a curved design and a rounded bill for diving. All 600 Series Deep Little Ripper lures feature Reef Runner's premium high gloss chip-proof finish.