Guillermo Gonzalez

Puerto Rican born angler Guillermo Gonzalez got his first taste of fishing at a young age at a friend's birthday celebration. When all the other kids were bored of trying to catch a fish, and back at the pool, he could not stand to leave them swimming. He was the only one to land a fish that day.

Growing up in South Florida was the ideal environment to foster his love fishing. Florida is where he first began fishing out of a kayak not realizing how big a part of his life it would later become.

Moving to Texas later in life made him fall in love with Bass fishing, more importantly competitive bass fishing. He spent the majority of his free time honing his skills the best he could on the famous lake Fork. He entered his first kayak tournament as a junior in college which he went on to win. Winning that tournament was somewhat of a calling to something bigger as kayak tournament fishing became a bigger and bigger part of his life.

He went on to win numerous angler or the year championships across several Texas tournament trails, the 2021 KBF National Championship in addition to continuing to compete at the highest level kayak fishing has to offer.

He currently calls Fort Worth, Texas home but travels all over country, pursuing tournaments and recreational fishing opportunities alike. When not tournament fishing you can almost always find a fly rod in his hand.