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Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 Fish Finder

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The Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 Fish Finder is for all-season use wherever you go, whether using a fishing kayak/SUP, boat fishing, ice fishing, or shore fishing… Learn More


3 In Stock

3 In Stock

The Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 Fish Finder is for all-season use wherever you go, whether using a fishing kayak/SUP, boat fishing, ice fishing, or shore fishing! Small enough to fit in your tackle box or pocket, fish like never before when you pair the Fish Deeper app with the crisp clarity and exceptional accuracy of the CHIRP 2. This Deeper fishfinder separates targets to 0.4 inches, so you can find your target quarry even among a school of baitfish or follow the smallest lure when vertical jigging. The depth range for the Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 is impressive. You'll identify fish as close as six inches from the surface or find bottom-huggers as deep as 330 feet underwater. If connectivity is a concern for the locations you go to, then take assurance that the CHIRP 2's own generated Wi-Fi keeps a solid connection with your device. (You don't need cellular data or an internet connection.) The Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 installs to a fishing kayak within seconds without drilling, cables, or batteries required. When trolling from a small boat, Deeper suggests riding smoothly at two mph for accurate readings. When used as an ice fishing flasher, hole-hopping is a piece of cake without the need for a transducer or wires. To use it when fishing from a shoreline, all you need to do is cast it into the water, reel it back in, and download all of the fishing data you could ever use. Isn't technology grand? Seriously, if you want unencumbered access to fishing waters information, then you must get one of these Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP 2 Fish Finders right now!

Technical Specifications

    • Castable up to 394 feet
    • Built-in GPS
    • Onshore mapping
    • Four fishing modes
    • Scans from 6 in. to 330 ft. feet deep
    • Built in Wi-Fi for pairing with a smart phone
    • 15 scans per second for accurate data
    • Versatile, designed for anglers of all kinds
    • Inside the Box:
      • Deeper Smart Sonar Chirp 2
      • Attachment bolts
      • USB wire
      • Neoprene pouch
      • Night fishing cover
    • Manufacturer's 5-year limited warranty
    • Material: ABS enclosure, titanium inserts
    • Compatibility: From iOS 13.0 and Android 6.0 to the latest iOS and Android devices
    • Sonar Type: 3 Frequency CHIRP- Narrow CHIRP 675 kHz (cone angle 7°), Medium CHIRP 240 kHz (cone angle 20°), Wide CHIRP 100 kHz (cone angle 47°)
    • Depth Range: Max/Min Max 330ft (100 m) / Min 6 in. (15 cm)
    • Sonar Scan rate: Up to 15 scans per second
    • Temperature sensor: Integrated temperature sensor (accuracy 0.2°C)
    • Temperature Units: Celsius/Fahrenheit
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 40°C/-4°F to 104°F
    • GPS positioning: L1 48 channel GPS receiver, high 3m@50% accuracy
    • Internal Battery: Li-Ion, 3.8V rechargeable, 1300mAh
    • Power Adapter (not included in the box, recommended): Input AC 110V/220V. Output Micro USB, 5V 2A
    • Charges to 100% in 2 hours for up to 15 hours of operation
    • Connection type: Wireless Wi-Fi connection
    • Connection Range: Up to 394ft (100 m). Depends on the OS and smartphone model