Zoom Boot Tail Fluke

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The Zoom Boot Tail Fluke combines some of the best aspects from two of Zoom's classic softbaits - it features the durable, thick, and lifelike body of the legendary Fluke with the hard-shaking tail of the hollow Zoom Swimmer. The Boot Tail Fluke creates a supple action, making it an excellent choice for bass anglers. The body roll provided by the boot tail entices bass and other predatory fish to strike while the hefty body can withstand multiple aggressive attacks. If you add this plastic fishing lure to your tackle box, you will increase your chances of catching more fish! Not only does it move through water at any speed, the versatile Zoom Boot Tail Fluke can also be used in a variety of techniques. This lure performs exceptionally well on a jighead or a weighted swimbait hook. Another incredibly effective way to fish this lure is on the back of a swim jig or a castable umbrella rig. If you're in a need of a new solid swimbait this season, look no further!

  • Solid bodied swimbait
  • Combines durability and heft of a solid body with the nimble action of the fluke
  • Body roll provided by the boot tail
  • Can move water at any speed and can be used with different techniques
  • Performs exceptionally well on a weighted swimbait hook

The Zoom Boot Tail Fluke is made in the U.S.A.

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