Z-Man Long ShotZ Soft Bait

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Item No.: F19240


Coming Soon! The Z-Man Long ShotZ Soft Bait was built specifically for dropshot fishing. The super-soft yet durable patented plastic fabrication holds fast when attacked by that lunker you’ve sought! Additionally, the soft bait’s tapered nose section displays a spot to send the hook through for ultimate bait strength. Z-Man states it infuses a 15% salt solution to counteract the material’s natural buoyancy and combined with the thin worm’s flat belly, wedge-shaped cross-section, and spaded tail, the result is a subtly dancing bait that is hard for a smart bass to resist! Give that jig-educated bass something different with a Z-Man Log ShotZ Soft Bait!

  • Thin worm configuration specifically designed for drop shot presentations
  • Flat belly, wedge-shaped cross section, and a spaded small tail produce tempting action
  • Super-soft yet durable material is pumped with a salt solution to aid buoyancy and underwater posture
  • Hook exit spot to guide nose-hooking
  • Qty. per Pack: 8

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