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Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ice Line

Item#: F18910

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There is science behind the Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ice Line to make it more tough, durable, sensitive, and abrasion-resistant so that you can fool more fish this ice season! Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ice Line is stated to be the first (and only) fishing line where the 50/50 blend of nylon and fluorocarbon bond at the molecular level; the advantage for you is a stronger and denser line which won't fall apart under the harshest conditions! While fluorocarbon is responsible for its strength, nylon is the reason why sensitivity is not lost, enabling ice anglers to feel bites at depths of 40 feet or more! The impact upon your wallet is felt, too, as this blend of durability, sensitivity, and UV resistance lasts up to four-five times longer than most nylon lines! When you drop a line through the ice this season, make it the Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ice Line!

  • Fluorocarbon/Nylon 50/50 co-polymer mix
  • Tough, flexible, and stretchy
  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Will not peel or fade
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

Test Diameter Diameter Spool Length
1 lb. 0.005 in. 0.127 mm 55 yds.
2 lb. 0.006 in. 0.152 mm 55 yds.
3 lb. 0.007 in. 0.170 mm 55 yds.
4 lb. 0.008 in. 0.203 mm 55 yds.
5 lb. 0.009 in. 0.220 mm 55 yds.
6 lb. 0.010 in. 0.254 mm 55 yds.