Anchor Wizard Low-Profile Kayak Anchoring System

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Product Details

Product Details

The Anchor Wizard Low-Profile Kayak Anchoring System boasts stunning ease of use in this complete kayak anchoring system with a revolutionary low profile. Fish away without fighting the wind, dealing with wet hands, and manually yanking up your anchor. This convenient tool utilizes a hand crank and stores 40 ft of 1/8 inch cord that will attach to your kayak anchor. Made of durable precision cast 319 Aluminum, and suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

To drop your anchor, turn the handle backward (counterclockwise) to free-spool release (or keep control over the speed by keeping a hand on the crank and moving the handle back and forth.) To lock the spool, crank the handle forward (clockwise) until it stops. To take the line back in the spool, keep forward cranking the handle until your anchor is safely out of the water and aboard your kayak, sliding into the flanged nosepiece tube.

  • Low profile
  • Perfect for anchoring your kayak without wet hands or tangled ropes
  • Free-fall operation controlled by a turn of the handle
  • Precision cast 319 aluminum
  • Fresh and salt water
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

The Anchor Wizard Low-Profile Kayak Anchoring System is made in the U.S.A.

Ratings & Reviews

6 Reviews

Anchor wizard


I have 1 in the front and 1in the back of my kayak work great to hold the kayak on windy days or to set up for fishing certain spots.

Best tool for any kayak angler.


The anchor wizard is an absolute must for kayak fishing! Having an anchor wizard on the front of my kayak is the best tool for fighting the wind and we all know the winds the come off Lake Erie.

Great small boat anchoring system


Great accessory for anchoring in kayaks or smaller boats. Makes deploying and re-stowing anchors quick and easy to avoid fatigue and keep anchor line stored neatly. Light weight and easy to mount. Very useful tool if you use an anchor!

Great Anchor System for a kayak


Love it work great. Won’t go fishing with out it

Did not work as discribed.


Went river fishing tried the Anchor Wizard for the first time line comes out fine but couldn't reel it in ,Felt it didn't function as described .Very disappointed ! Not worth the $100 I paid for it Defective product I guess.