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The YUM Chunk features a chunk body is similar to a classic pork trailer, with long, flat claws that flap naturally to incite a response from fish. When rigged on a jig, its elongated silhouette mimics the movements of a fleeing crawfish. These fishing baits are designed for enticing the most lethargic of predator fish into action. Scientifically proven to trigger a feeding response, YUM's proprietary attractant includes a powerful blend of enzymes and natural scents. Great for saltwater and freshwater fishing, seasoned anglers love the Chunk jig trailer to catch finicky bass. A perfect addition to any tackle box, the YUM Chunk makes your fishing day simple and fun.

  • Jig trailer
  • Long, flat claws and a chunk body
  • Proprietary attractant includes a blend of enzymes and natural attractants scientifically proven to trigger a feeding response
  • Researched and tested by the most powerful professional anglers in the world
  • Leading-edge technology gives you and unfair advantage by attracting more fish

The YUM Chunk is made in the U.S.A.

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