WOO! Tungsten Matte Black Flipping Weights

$4.49 - $10.49
Item No.: F17869
$4.49 - $10.49

Product Details

Product Details

Become a dynamic flipper with WOO! Tungsten Matte Black Flipping Weights. Made to bust through thick and nasty cover where bass love to hide, these flipping weights are smaller and heavier than lead weights. Also, when you pair these weights with a WOO! Tungsten Flipping Bead, they'll generate a loud noise to gain the attention of nearby fish. You don't even have to worry about the paint chipping off these bad boys; they are powder painted for a chip-resistant finish. Get deeper and feel more with WOO! Tungsten Matte Black Flipping Weights.

  • Constructed with 97% pure tungsten
  • Sleek profile to penetrate heavy cover
  • Smaller, more sensitive and heavier than lead
  • Powder painted for a chip resistant finish
WeightQty. per Pack
1/16 oz.5
1/8 oz.4
3/16 oz.4
1/4 oz.3
3/8 oz.3
1/2 oz.2
5/8 oz.2
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1 oz.2

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