Water Gremlin Green Gremlin Tin Split Shot Selector

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Product Details

Product Details

Water Gremlin makes the finest split shot. Water Gremlin Green Gremlin Tin Split Shot is made from tin and will not cause lead poisoning in waterfowl. It is available in a "traditional" removable split shot.


The removable split shot can be pinched closed or open easily.  The environmentally friendly split shot is about one half the weight of lead shot. These weights come in a round plastic selector.

  • Size: BB - Qty. per Pack: 28
  • Size: 3/0 - Qty. per Pack: 20
  • Size: 7 - Qty. per Pack: 8
  • Size: 5 - Qty. per Pack: 6

Water Gremlin Green Gremlin Tin Split Shot Selectors are made in the U.S.A.

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Great product of course


Great run of the mill pack with the added bonus of being lead free. Can't go wrong with this. Works great for a small tackle bag.

work great

by -

with lead bans in maine and new hampshire where i ice fish , these work just like lead but are safer for the enviroment. they are a tad bigger then lead but not bad. quite durable too