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Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack with 12 Degree Ice-Ducer

Item No.: 101123

This item is out of stock for the season. Please check back in October.


This item is out of stock for the season. Please check back in October.

Product Details

Years in the making, this classic design has been improved even more by ice fishing legend Dave Genz. Dave has made his Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack "Blue Box" nearly indestructible so it will last for years of hard use. Genz redesigned the battery storage compartment and added a universal transducer holder system.

The Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack can also accept the full line of Vexilar accessories like a Battery Status Indicator, Vexilar Flex Light or even a Tri-Beam IceDucer transducer. The Blue Box fits on top of a five-gallon bucket for easy access and handling while fishing.

Features of the Vexilar FL-18 Genz Pack with 12 Degree Ice-Ducer include the following:

  • Transducer support eye-bolt
  • Specially designed base fits on top of five gallon bucket
  • Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
  • Built-in transducer holder fits all sizes of Ice-Ducers
  • Easy access semi-closed battery compartment
  • Large cable storage compartment
  • Free instructional DVD

The FL-18 is the core of this Pro Pack. Reliability and great performance make the FL-18 a true winner with hard-core fishermen. The hallmark of the FL-18 is its bright, three-color display. It presents bottom contours and types, vegetation, structure, fish, and bait fish in a multiple color display. The colors indicate the signal strength of the return echoes. Strong echoes are displayed as red marks, weak echoes are shown as green, and medium strength echoes are orange. The multiple color display gives you a great advantage over any single color depth sounder. The ability to instantly spot and identify bottom and fish targets have proven to be simply revolutionary to the world of modern-day ice fishing.

Effective for both summer and winter use, the FL-18 has a built-in Interference Rejection switch as well a six depth range settings that let you fish down to 120 feet. Exclusive interference rejection technology lets you fish side by side with almost any flasher, LCR, LCD or graph with interference-free operation. The eight-step adjustable switch lets you knock out interference between you and another depth finder. FL-18 anglers can even fish two depth finders in the same ice shelter or boat. It allows you to have two FL-18's close together on a boat or in a fish house without the annoying interference.

A 400-Watt transmitter and an ultra-sensitive receiver back the vivid display. It is easily sensitive enough to read the thermocline and plankton layers. The colors and high sensitivity also make finding changes in bottom content easy. And ice fishermen know the FL-18 has become famous for its ability to see small baits at deep depths.

Features of the FL-18 flasher included with the Genz Pack include the following:

  • High Resolution Display - High speed, 525 bit, three color LED display. A back-lit depth scale display for easy visibility in low light conditions
  • Three Color Signal Indication - Red indicates a strong signal, orange indicates a medium signal, and green indicates a weak signal
  • Five Depth Scales - 0-20 ft., 0-40 ft., 0-60 ft., 0-80 ft., and 0-200 ft.
  • Exclusive Interference Rejection technology - Use the IR circuitry to knock out interference from other, close-by electronics. There are 10 different IR settings
  • Power and Sensitivity - Hi-Power, 200 kHz, 400 watts peak-to-peak, transmit and ultra-sensitive receiver separates targets to as close as 1 in.
  • Adjustable sensitivity control
  • Weatherproof high impact case

Additional specifications of the FL-18:

  • Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS)
  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Current draw: 200 MA
  • Display resolution: 525 segments
  • Power consumption: 275 MA at 12V DC
  • Unit dimensions: 4.4 in. high x 6 in. wide x 2.5 in. deep
  • Unit weight: 1.1 pound
  • Manufacturer's 2 year limited warranty

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