Terminator Pre-Rigged Braided Titanium Leader

$6.99 - $21.99
Item No.: F10641
$6.99 - $21.99

Product Details

Product Details

Terminator Pre-Rigged Braided Titanium Leaders are great for a variety of fishing situations. When fishing into heavy cover with expensive lures, these leaders give you the edge you need to bring that fish out of the lilypads. These leaders also excel when targeting any toothy species when monofilament leaders just won't do.

Featuring multi-strand Titanium construction, these pre-rigged leaders stay straighter than comparable sized plain steel leaders, which tend to curl up after a fish or two. These leaders also have mil-spec wire crimp sleeves, with a quality cross-lock snap at one end and a ball bearing swivel at the other. All leaders sizes come in a low-vis black finish.

  • Premium string ease stay-lock snaps
  • Ball bearing swivels
  • Stainless steel crimps and welded rings
  • Protective sleeves prevent wear and tear
  • Braided titanium resists kinking and coiling
  • 7-strand lightweight leaders (15 lb. and 30 lb. sizes)
  • Multi-strand leaders (50 lb., 75 lb., and 100 lb. sizes)
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

Ratings & Reviews

13 Reviews

Great Product

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Thinner than standard leaders. Titanium leaders do not have a "memory" and does not kink.

Best wire leader on the market

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No kinks, no twists can't say that about any steel leaders I've used. Terminator uses the best snaps ( they take a little getting used to) but I have never had one open in use. They seem a little spendy but one leader will last all season. Great selection of strengths and lengths.

Best leader I have found

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Fish USA offers a great price and full selection of these leaders