Temple Fork Outfitters Professional II Two-Handed Fly Rod

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A Temple Fork Outfitters Professional II Two-Handed Fly Rod is meant for the angler who desires to learn a two-handed casting technique with an affordable, forgiving tool specifically meant for the particular style within the discipline. The TFO Professional II Two-Handed Fly Rod series is not a "one-size-fits-all" family, but rather one with entry-level rods specifically meant to perform exceptionally well for micro-Spey, traditional or classic Spey, and fishing with two-hand switch rods fitting to either east or west coasts. TFO states its Pro II TH series is perfect for fly anglers new to the two-handed sport because the lineup extends the most helpful learning base in existence. These are medium fast-action rods designed with a progressive taper to be smooth casting, powerful, and forgiving to the new angler's learning curve. The series ranges from an 11-foot micro-spey style to coastal switch rods, and to a 13-foot, 7/8 rod applicable for any fish ascending rivers from the sea on both east and west coasts. In addition to offering high-end performance entry-level priced rods fit for the needs of the new caster/angler, this series also gives those already familiar with the two-handed approach affordable options to get that rod currently missing from their own lineup! Dip your toe into the larger waters for the larger fish with a selection from the Temple Fork Outfitters Professional II Two-Handed Fly Rod series!

  • Freedom at an affordable price
  • The Pro II TH is TFO's entry level rod designed to accommodate the caster/angler, while giving experienced anglers the ability to affordably fill out that rod missing from their current quiver
  • With a range of rods from an 11-foot micro-spey style rod, to coastal switch rods, to an all-around 13-foot, 7/8 rod for any anadromous fish both on the east and west coast
  • For fresh or saltwater
  • The Pro II series are medium fast-action rods with a progressive taper that are smooth casting and powerful, yet forgiving
  • All Pro II Two Handed rods include a case
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime no-fault warranty


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