TackleWorkz Clip N Cull 2.0

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Product Details

Product Details

For your next tournament, make sure you're culling with the TackleWorkz Clip N Cull 2.0! The puncture-free culling system is designed to hold a grip all day, and you can set the grip strength you need. Equipped with a built-in grip release system, you can attach, adjust, and release the fish with one hand. Crush-free color floats make it easy to identify each fish in your livewell. This smaller, lighter, and more streamlined culling system comes with a 7th cull tag and a bracket to store your cull tags. For an innovative culling system that reduces harm and stress to your trophy-worthy fish, use the Cal Coast Fishing Clip N Cull 2.0.

  • Puncture-free culling system
  • You set the grip strength
  • Designed to hold a grip all day
  • Built-in grip release system
  • Easily attach, adjust, and release with one hand
  • Reduces harm and stress to the fish
  • Rust-free components
  • Crush free color floats to identify each fish
  • Qty. per Pack: 7 cull tags, 7 color floats, and 1 bracket


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