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Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line

Item No.: 138333

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line provides optimum performance due to a unique process that fills the spaces between the nylon molecules with resin. As a result, Siglon F is moisture-proof, curl free, durable, and shock-resistant, making it the ideal fishing line. A special technique also prevents the fluorescent color of the line from fading, and also allows it to be unaffected by ultraviolet rays. As a result, Sunline Siglon F Fluorescent Monofilament Line remains strong and flexible no mater how long or how often it is used.

  • Line is unaffected by ultraviolet rays
  • Popular for center-pin and drift fishing techniques
  • Less than 3 inches across so spool can fit in a pocket
  • Remains strong and flexible after extended use

Test (lb.)Diameter (in.)Diameter (mm)Spool Length (yds.)Spool Length (m)

Great Topwater Line

by -

Everyone knows that specific lines perform differently. Do you spool up every reel with the same line? Well if you do then...... anyways. The Siglon F Monofilament is what I have tried specifically for topwater only. A floating mono is a great idea, best performance yet on the topwater lures. To me it had great resistance to abrassion but the line memory was a little more than I expected. The shelf life and advertised resistance to UV rays are expected to keep the angler from having to change the line all that often, we'll see come this upcoming season when the ice is gone and the bite is on. If you are like me and willing to try out new products in our ever changing tackle world, give this line a try 'cuz you might like it too.

Not worth it

by -

I used it for centerpinning. switched lines when I couldn't find clear line. Glad I switched.

Best float line available!!

by -

This stuff really works. As far as float fishing goes, you have the floating aspect you normally get from a braid, but you also have the stretch of mono which allows forgiveness, it also is hi-viz. Recently landed a 17lb steelhead without the least bit of worries in the line. Great Stuff!!

very pleased

by -

best line for float fishing I found so far

What a great product!

by -

I bought this product in orange and in 6lb. and 8lb for use on my centrepins. It is fairly thin - a good quality - and supple. More importantly, it is strong at the knot. But probably the most important reason I bought it is its floating quality. I have only used the 6lb. on a new centrepin and a homemade custom 11' noodle rod. While fishing it I went to to a 3lb. tippet; it was a perfect combination. Only fished the product one day but I wouldn't use any other product on any of my centrepins.