Sunline DoStrike FC Fluorocarbon Line

$34.99 - $37.99
Item No.: F18473

Product Details

Product Details

The Sunline DoStrike FC Fluorocarbon Line is here to enhance your vibrating jigs performance! This line is designed with premium fluorocarbon materials, giving it superior strength for those heavy hitters! The line alternates a green and smoke color every foot to add a camouflage that makes the line disappear against the water. This line is designed to stretch, but just enough to get that optimal hook set! Enhance your vibrating jigs performance with the Sunline DoStrike FC Fluorocarbon Line!

  • 100% fluorocarbon
  • Perfectly designed for use with vibrating jigs
  • Featuring the perfect balance of stretch and strength to insure maximum hooking ratio
  • Repeating color sections of 12" green and smoke every 10"
14 lbs..0122 in..310 mm
16 lbs..0130 in..330 mm
18 lbs..0138 in..350 mm
20 lbs..0146 in..370 mm

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