Sunline Crank FC Fluorocarbon Line

Item No.: F16870

Product Details

Product Details

Sunline Crank FC Fluorocarbon Line has better stretch than other lines, which makes it perfect for crankbaits and reaction lures. Designed using the revolutionary P-Ion Technology, it has increased sensitivity that enables an angler to land most bites by fish. When you are exposed to a lot of abrasive elements like rocks, this fluorocarbon line can serve you well by minimizing wear and tear. The superior knot strength of the Crank FC Fluorocarbon line is another major attribute that makes your fishing tasks convenient. This line has a very slick surface ensuring enhanced manageability and better yield per cast.

  • Designed specifically for the cranking technique
  • 100% fluorocarbon with additional stretch
  • Works great with crankbaits and reaction lures
  • Can also be used for rattle baits, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs and swim jigs
Test Diameter Diameter
10 lb. 0.0102 in. 0.260 mm
12 lb. 0.0112 in. 0.285 mm
14 lb. 0.0122 in. 0.310 mm
16 lb. 0.0130 in. 0.330 mm

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