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Sulpher Dry Fly - 2 Pack

Item#: F19718

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Product Details

A Sulpher Dry Fly - 2 Pack really is something to carry as this little mayfly is the most abundant of all found when fly fishing the trout streams in the eastern and upper midwest portions of the U.S. These hatches can begin early in May but the timing differs. Sulphers (a common spelling is Sulphurs and other names are Pale Evening Duns, Light Hendrickson, Red Quill, and more) typically run their course by mid-June with the best fishing of this hatch lasting about two weeks. In warmer climates, the hatch has been recorded all year. You can use this parachute Sulpher Dry Fly almost anywhere – warmwater streams and cold and in currents that are moderate to fast, but then sometimes slow pools are productive. Gravel bottoms are favored, but Sulphers are found on other streambeds, too. This is a match the hatch challenge as sometimes trout are quite selective about the mayfly's size they prefer on a particular evening, so it is worth taking every option of this Sulpher Dry Fly - 2 Pack with you!

  • Use for brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, and others
  • Mimics dun of the Ephemerella invaria and the Ephemerella dorothea, the most abundant and smaller members of the mayfly family which occupy territories primarily in the East and Midwest; sulphers tolerate a wide spectrum of water variables, although they do seem to prefer inhabiting cooler and moderately fast currents
  • Technique: get to your location by mid-afternoon as hatches can start then and go into the evening; sulpher duns take flight rather quickly and trout are finicky about the preferred sizes (even among individual fish), but 14s and 16s of the Sulpher Dry Fly - 2 Pack will match well most times (the size 18 matches well for the even smaller dorothea branch of this mayfly)
  • Qty. per Pack: 2