Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon Line

$23.99 - $48.99
Item No.: F18140
$23.99 - $48.99

Product Details

Product Details

Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon Line is virtually memory-free thanks to the exclusive G2 Precision Winding. This line is virtually invisible and abrasion-resistant, plus the Proprietary Gel Phase Technology gives you the ultimate handling and performance you require. If performance is what you are looking for in a line, the Sufix Advance Fluorocarbon is what you need!

  • 100 percent Fluorocarbon and virtually invisible
  • Higher density index gets your presentation to the strike zone 4 times faster than traditional nylon
  • Line's inherent qualities and exclusive G2 Precision Winding make this fluorocarbon virtually memory-free


Test Diameter
4 lb. 0.007 in.
6 lb. 0.008 in.
8 lb. 0.009 in.
10 lb. 0.011 in.
12 lb. 0.012 in.
14 lb. 0.013 in.
17 lb. 0.015 in.
20 lb. 0.017 in.
25 lb. 0.018 in.
30 lb. 0.020 in.

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Very disappointing, I bought two 200-yard 14-pound spools. This is either a poorly made line or the quality control is poor. The first reel I spooled had a birdsnest on the second toss, which is understandable since the brake wasn't adjusted for the line. However working on the birdsnest the line broke twice just trying to loosen it up. On my other reel the line would brake while I was tightening up my knot to the lure. Picked up last week from FishUSA and are now off both reels and out the big bucks.