Sufix 832 Lead Core Line

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Product Details

Product Details

Sufix 832 Lead Core Line is the first lead core line to combine both Dyneema and GORE performance fibers. When compared to other lead core lines, Sufix 832 Lead Core Line dives 30 percent deeper and is a whopping 70 percent stronger and infinitely more sensitive. This line features ten (100 yd.) or 20 (200 yd.) color coded sections to provide anglers with accurate depth measurement and three times the abrasion resistance to prevent wearing down of the line.

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Good lne:runs deep and has great sesitivity.


I've put about 70-80 hours trolling time on a spool of 18 lb 832 lead core and it is holding up well. I fish for lake trout in ways and places that are hard on line: banging spoons on the bottom or trolling with floating bait rigs with the line rubbing bottom. The line gets dragged across rock shoals and sunken trees and there is no noticeable abrasion wear. The line is sensitive enough to feel snags before the lure gets stuck and to feel action changes from weeds or debris out a couple more "colors" out than with my nylon-sheath lead core. Double uni-knots work for leaders and the knot passes through the guides easily. With the lead core stripped out you can use any knot OK for braided line. The biggest problem with the line is the wire core is too brittle. I've had to dig chunks of broken wire out of the line in a few places. They don't affect line strength but do catch on the guides and level wind. It is a good line but a softer pure lead core would be an improvement.

Great lead core to add some depth to your spread


This is a good strong lead core line. All lead cores fray and tangle if you do not use them correctly. I have had no problems with this line and have used it for four years now. This lead core does sink faster allowing you to cover more different depths. I have a setup of this in 2,3,4,5,7,10 color lengths and the same setups with standard lead core so there are just slight difference in depth which sometimes make all the difference

Good stuff

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Excellent product.