Strike King 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait

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Chili Craw
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19 ft.
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Product Details

Product Details

The Strike King 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait lowers the boom on bass with a noisy alteration to its successful 6XD crank. Strike King kept the size, shape, weight, and proven wobbly action and figured out a way to add a single weight instead of rattles. This model expands the 6XD family by reverberating with a deep thumping sound. It's all about the bass. The curved bill takes the deep-diving crankbait down quickly to maximum depth, running optimally at 18-20 feet. The streamlined body on these shad baits tracks well at a balanced swimming angle, too. Plus, Hard Knock technology adds to this trusted bass fishing lure – more commotion raises interest! Boom boom boom boom. You'll knock bass right off of their fins with a Strike King 6XD Hard Knock Crankbait!

  • Unique curved bill and balance
  • Free-floating rattle chambers with one solid rattle
  • Emits a deeper knocking sound
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


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