Storm Flatstick

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Green Tiger
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1.5 - 8 ft.
Treble Hooks
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Product Details

The Storm Flatstick harnesses the power to score big fish! It utilizes a larger body volume to swim with the increased power of a heavier bait. The flat-sided body creates a wobbly underwater action and the loud, deep rattle attracts fish from afar. The baits are finished with UV bright paints to reflect more light, and premium VMC treble hooks to get fish in the boat.

  • Larger body volume allows this bait to swim with the power of a much longer and heavier bait
  • Loud, deep rattle
  • The flat sides make this bait swim with a wide wobble and tons of flash
  • VMC black nickel treble hooks
  • UV bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lure's visibility
  • Technique: Casting/trolling
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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Musky Killer


At 51.5", caught my biggest musky ever on a Giant Flat Stick. Very few musky lures have (a) loud rattles and (b) UV finishes. Definitely recommend this lure!

Insanely loud. Strong build. Good beginner bait.


The loud rattle is both a pro and con of this bait. When I say loud, I mean LOUD. You can literally hear it audibly from the second it hits the water all the way in. It's so loud you can almost hear it through the rod. This can be a good or bad thing. In a local river, I've watched musky spook and take off faster than lightning when one of these comes by. But, it's a relatively clear body of water. I imagine that in stained or dark water these things would be killer. The paint is surprisingly good, and the bait itself is surprisingly durable (even the chrome colors). Have thrown these things off concrete walls with no cracks in the lips which is again pretty surprising for a Storm/Rapala bait. The hooks are typical of cheaper lures. They will bend very easily; so, if you're running heavy equipment and a 'tug of war' style of horsing in esox, maybe consider sizing up or going with a 2x or 3x style treble.

Super loud!


This thing is so loud underwater! It infuruates largemouth and spots. They hit the thing so hard and hang on for dear life. Ive also had several musky follow it, no takers yet.