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St. Croix Premier Ice Rods

$30.00 - $40.00
Item No.: F10243
$30.00 - $40.00
This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

St. Croix Premier Ice Rods feature solid carbon graphite blanks, stainless steel guides and custom handles available in a wide range of lengths and actions. Premier Ice Rods have a metallic teal finish with black guide wraps trimmed in silver.

12/30/2013 12:00:00 am


by Pip -

These are good blanks, and good cork handles. Not as much filler as the competition. BUT these rods are notorious for having the eyelets placed incorrectly according to where the spine of the rod blank is. BIG NO NO! Also misaligned guides is a problem. Happened to me on a st croix legend as well. The tip broke off too. If your looking to get one of these, make sure you go to the store. That way you know what your getting. All rods are not created equal, even if they are identical model rods. It would be a good rod if they put it together properly. All the parts are there.

12/30/2013 12:00:00 am

St Croix

by Stever -

Great all species rod. Caught a laker with the medium and had no difficulty.

4/30/2013 12:00:00 am

fine rods

by ricoeyes -

this is the 4th premier ice rod i have purchased if that is any indication of their performance.

2/24/2013 12:00:00 am

Typical St. Croix

by Guthhook -

Just like all of my other St. Croix rods, excellent!!

1/28/2013 12:00:00 am

excellent rod

by zamrika -

excellent rod