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Offer AvailableSpiderWire Stealth Smooth Braid
SpiderWire Stealth Smooth Braid
Moss Green
SpiderWire Stealth Smooth Braid is woven with 8 carriers of PE fiber to create a tight, round braid. This braid is highly durable with a thin coating of microcrystalline polymer. The super smooth and soft braid allows for longer casts without sacrificing strength, sensitivity, and size.
$114.99 - $269.99
$99.99 - $229.99
Offer AvailableSpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid
SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid
SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid incorporates only the best technology and advanced nylons for the ultimate fishing line. This ultra smooth braid will outcast and outlast all other braid every time. SpiderWire Ultracast Invisi-Braid is tough and unbreakable that offers smooth casting to pull in big fish. Translucent in color for near invisibility and its extremely high strength per diameter makes this braid the number one choice of many anglers.
$179.99 - $419.99
$154.99 - $359.99
Offer AvailableSpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid
SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid
Low-Vis Green
SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid will outcast and outlast all the competitors and is preferred by more anglers. This braid is strong, smooth, and durable, yet amazingly thin and sensitive. SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Braid is constructed from only the best materials and features superior technology. The advanced nylons, fluoropolymers, and high molecular weight PE fibers provide ultimate performance to pull in the big fish in any condition.
$179.99 - $419.99
$154.99 - $359.99
SpiderWire EZ Monofilament Line
SpiderWire EZ Monofilament Line
SpiderWire EZ Monofilament Line is an excellent multi-purpose line that is smooth and easy to cast. This line utilizes a co-polymer monofilament formula for strength and reliability. SpiderWire EZ Mono is a well-balanced line with a controlled stretch for extreme castability and sensitivity.
$4.99 - $5.99
SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Monofilament Line
SpiderWire Ultracast Ultimate Monof...
SpiderWireUltracast Ultimate Monofilament Line is a high strength-to-diameter co-polymer monofilament line. This line is 33% stronger than the average nylon mono, while being ultra-thin for increased line capacity. Ultracast Ultimate Mono has a 15% stretch for incredible sensitivity and hook setting power. Even when wet, this line has superior knot strength. SpiderWireUltracast Ultimate Monofilament Line is everything you want in a superline.
Offer AvailableSpiderWire EZ Braid
SpiderWire EZ Braid
SpiderWire EZ Braid provides the manageability and body of monofilament with the strength and sensitivity of SpiderWire. EZ Braid's Dyneema microfibers are three times stronger than monofilament lines, and two to three times smaller than mono of the same pound test. This line features the famous spider sensitive, nero zero stretch design making it perfect for casting and spinning applications were sensitivity and durability are key. SpiderWire EZ Braid comes in a Moss Green color. We stock this ...
$9.99 - $17.99
$8.49 - $15.49