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Shimano: Spinning Rods

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Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod
Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod
6 Models available
The Shimano Scimitar Spinning Rod is the perfect freshwater rod for salmon or light inshore applications. The graphite composite construction with a full cork handle gives anglers comfort and style. The Scimitar rod is lightweight, powerful, and equipped with the right power and action to land your favorite species on any lake, river, or coastal waters.
Shimano Compre Spinning Rod
Shimano Compre Spinning Rod
8 Models available
The Shimano Compre Spinning Rod is a sensitive and lightweight rod. This all-around rod offers versatility, making it perfect for a variety of species. The Compre rod is constructed of 24-ton carbon and includes a Fuji alconite tip and guides. These features provide durability, comfort, and accurate casting to help you catch more when fishing bass, walleye, muskie and inshore saltwater species.
Shimano Convergence Spinning Rod
Shimano Convergence Spinning Rod
8 Models available
The Shimano Convergence Spinning Rod is a budget-friendly workhorse rod suitable for a variety of species. Anglers will appreciate the use of this rod when fishing bass, walleye, panfish, and inshore saltwater species. The Convergence rod features a high composite blank construction, plus a full cork handle with Fuji stainless with O-Ring guides and tip. This rod delivers performance and quality components that avid anglers look for in a successful day of fishing.
Shimano Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rod
Shimano Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead...
3 Models available
The Shimano Scimitar Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rod is moderately priced, yet still provides balance and sensitivity for a variety of applications. This rod will outshine the competition and help hook your favorite species. The Scimitar rod features a lightweight graphite composite construction with a full cork handle. The cork handle will allow you to enjoy a comfortable day of fishing at your favorite lake, river, or coastal region.
Shimano Convergence Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods
Shimano Convergence Salmon & Steelh...
6 Models available
Shimano Convergence Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods are sensitive, comfortable, durable, and lightweight. Built on redesigned IM-7 graphite blanks, these rods include custom Shimano reel seats, high end cork handles and Aluminum Oxide Guides. Convergence rods cover the most popular techniques with actions specially tailored for pursuing Salmon and Steelhead.
$79.99 - $99.99
Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods
Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead S...
9 Models available
Shimano Clarus Salmon & Steelhead Spinning Rods are designed for the serious salmon and steelhead angler. Shimano has updated these popular rods with even more great features including redesigned IM-8 blanks which are lighter and more sensitive to help you catch more fish. Additional key features include the newly designed reel seats and Grade A cork handles. All Clarus rods are equipped with lightweight Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides.
$99.99 - $129.99

At a Glance: Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are the rods designed to be used with open face/spinning reels which, when mounted on the rod, will be held underneath the rod in the angler’s hand. Spinning rods are made with rod blanks that will bend or flex in all directions. Spinning rods are best suited for casting light lures and terminal tackle because of the way the line comes off the spool into guides specifically designed for spinning rods. The guides nearest the reel seat will have large openings and long stems which stand the guide well away from the blank to match the long stems of spinning reels. Spinning rod guides become increasingly smaller the further away from the reel seat, which allows the line to unravel from the spool and be funnelled into the guides. The funneling of this line creates friction against the spinning guides, which can affect casting distances for heavier lures and terminal tackle. This is different than baitcasting rods which are designed to feed the line straight off the baitcasting spool and creates little to no friction against the guides. Baitcasting reels give resistance to light presentations because of the need to pull the spool around during the cast - this is not the case with spinning reels.

The handle length and reel seat locations are popular variables with spinning rods, giving the angler the ability to choose just the right rod for comfort and leverage. The balance of a rod and reel combination can be greatly affected by the location of the reel seat, with some spinning rods even featuring sliding rings to attach the reel to the handle at any point the angler prefers. A longer foregrip gives another hand-hold for making two-handed casts, while a short foregrip can allow an angler to reach out and touch the blank to provide the greatest sensitivity. Spinning rods are available in one-piece rods, up to as many as six-piece rods, as well as telescopic models for easy storage and traveling. Lengths vary from as short as 24 inches up to 16 feet long. Casting distances can be greatly increased by using longer spinning rods, which also act as shock absorbers against hard-fighting fish. FishUSA offers spinning rods designed for bass, walleye, musky, panfish and salmon/steelhead.

Top brands of spinning rods include Daiwa, G. Loomis, Okuma, St. Croix and Shakespeare.