Shimano Tekota Levelwind Line Counter Reel

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Item No.: F10246

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Tekota 700LCSKU: 104041
Retrieval Hand
Gear Ratio
Reel Weight
30 oz.
Line Retrieve
33 in.
Max Drag
24 lbs.
Mono Capacity (lbs./yds.)
25/410 30/350 40/290
Braid Capacity (lbs./yds.)
50/735 65/570 80/430
Stock: 0
Tekota 800LCSKU: 104042
Retrieval Hand
Gear Ratio
Reel Weight
31 oz.
Line Retrieve
33 in.
Max Drag
24 lbs.
Mono Capacity (lbs./yds.)
25/530 30/450 40/370
Braid Capacity (lbs./yds.)
50/820 65/780 80/640
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Please Note: This item is not available for order outside of the United States.

Shimano Tekota Levelwind Line Counter Reels feature a wide range of sizes and line capacities, rock solid construction and advanced features. These reels are a great solution for anglers who troll for both fresh and saltwater species. Great Lakes anglers will appreciate the palmable line counter and saltwater enthusiasts will love the durability and strength.

The Tekota is the end result of research, feedback, and time spent on the water. These reels are engineered for the long run with die-cast aluminum frames, smooth and strong drags, sturdy power handles with comfortable Septon grips, oversized clickers and cross-bar forward designs for easy access to the spool. The Tekota is great for use with all trolling techniques including downriggers, divers, planer boards, leadcore and wirelines.

The line counter on these reels was designed for ease of use. The left side plate design makes the reel extremely palmable and puts the counter between your thumb and forefinger for balance and control. There is easy access to the reset button, but it is protected against accidental resets.

  • Approved for use in Saltwater
  • Diecast Aluminum Frames
  • Stamped Aluminum Right Sideplate
  • Aluminum Braced Graphite Non-Handle Sideplate
  • Machined/Anodized Aluminum Spools
  • Optional Rod Clamp Includes
  • Super Stopper
  • Assist Stopper
  • Dartainium Drag
  • Oversized Cast Control Knob
  • Clicker
  • Septon Handle Grips
  • Oversized Clicker Button
  • Crossbar Forward Design
  • Non-Disengaging Levelwind System
  • Rated for use with Mono, Fluorocarbon and Braided lines
  • Manual Clutch (excluding 300 LC, 500LC & 600LC which are Auto-Return)
  • Double Paddle Handle (300 models only)
  • Counter Balanced Handle (Excluding 300, 300LC, 700 and 800)
  • Adjustable Handle Shank (700 and 800 only)
  • Palmable line counter with Maintenance Port (300LC, 500LC, 600LC only)
  • A-RB
    • These stainless steel ball bearings are specially treated to drastically increase the corrosion resistance of the bearing. These bearings will last at least 10 times longer than standard stainless steel ball bearings in high salinity environments.

  • Metal Series
    • The metal construction showcased in some of our finest reels now appears throughout our line of Metal Series products. Metal frames not only keep moving parts in precise alignment, they also feature the use of the latest anodizing, plating and painting techniques for beautiful and durable finishes.

  • Super Stopper
    • Uses a one-way roller bearing that eliminates back-play. This provides the angler with instant hook setting power.

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6/10/2020 11:20 am

A must have for Great Lakes trolling

by Upnorthdoug

Outstanding reel for Great Lakes trolling. It makes reeling in those big planer boards easy! Previously I purchased a cheaper trolling reel. The differences between the two are night and day.

1/29/2008 12:00:00 am

Most dependable linecounter made

by Fisher of Men

Though this is an expensive reel it is well worth the cost. I have used three other brands of line counter reels and all fell apart within a year or two, esp fishing for Salmon and trout. These take a licking and keep on ticking.

8/22/2011 12:00:00 am

How deep is deep?

by Murray -

Concerned about ability to handle larger game fish (i.e. tuna, etc)

8/5/2009 12:00:00 am

Not expensive for the quality & features

by Mr Pike -

Superior drag with click detent adjustment allows you to make changes one click at a time. Bulletproof line counter mechanism. Have used them for over 4 years & they are the best.

1/17/2018 12:00:00 am

Great Reel

by Anvage

I have 6 of the 500 models that I use to troll for walleye. I love how smooth they reel, the drag and how the line counters just work. I fished in SE Alaska last summer with an outfitter and he had a dozen of these reels on his boat fishing for salmon and halibut. We talked about how great they were and he said that he'd tried a bunch of different reels over the years and the Tekota's were the only ones that could stand up to the 250 days on the water a year that he put them through.