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Product Details

Product Details

You know that pair of sunglasses that you just love? The ones that look great on you. The ones you spent more on than you should have? Yeah, we know. Shade Savers is designed to keep that fantastic, beloved set of shades safe. This revolutionary tool consists of a customizable hatband with magnets in it that sits under your hat's sweatband. Magnetic retainers are then added onto your glasses; these snap to the magnets in the band, holding your sunglasses in place! The retainers are subtle and are designed to hold onto any type of glasses! From cruising the open water to peering down an ice hole, lose the worry, not your sunglasses with Shade Savers!

  • Protect sunglasses in three ways!
  • 1. Customize hatband with magnets on hat and earpiece retainers on glasses
  • 2. Snap tether into holes on earpiece retainers
  • 3. Place Magnetic Shade Stay on the outside of the shirt opposite of the retainer on the inside
  • Kit includes:
    • 2 Shade Savers universal fit magnetic molded earpieces
    • 1 Shade Savers customizable hat band
    • 2 large hat band magnets
    • 2 small hat band magnets
    • 1 Shade Savers removable tether/bracelet
    • 1 Shade Savers Magnetic Shade Stay for shirts and golf ball marker

Shade Savers are made in the U.S.A.

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Brilliant Product


This product is awesome. I've dumped several pairs of sunglasses in the water. This should help with that issue. This product keeps your sunglasses from falling off your hat. Set up was easy.