Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line is a species-specific line designed to improve your chances of catching bonefish. This line has a hard core and a stiff coating for an elevated shooting performance. Mastery Bonefish Fly Line features the SA ID line identification system; an easy way for anglers to identify lines. Double welded loops, Shooting Technology Plus are just a couple of the other great features of this line. Tropi-Core Technology allows this line to stand up to the demand of hot boat decks and heated water conditions. Anglers won't be disappointed with the smooth, floating Mastery Fly Line for bonefishing.

  • Welded loops
  • Shooting Technology Plus
  • Tropi-Core Technology for tropical climates
  • SA ID lineidentification
  • Revised taper for delicate deliveries to skittish fish
  • Precise presentations in tropical conditions
  • Stiff coating and core for enhanced shooting
  • Looped on both ends for quick rigging
  • Long head for fly control and casting accuracy
  • Tropi-Core technology for tropical climates
  • Use in hot temperature saltwater
  • Great for streamers

Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.

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