Scientific Anglers IGFA Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Scientific Anglers IGFA Fluorocarbon Tippet feature an independent, free wheeling hub that allows the tippet spool to spin freely when joined together. The hub can be retracted to become flush with the spool body when used alone, or with other tippet spools on the market. The spools are also molded with UV inhibitors to help protect the tippet from degenerating UV rays. This fluorocarbon tippet is the ultimate in ultra-low visibility as it measures nearly the same as water on the refractive light index, making it invisible underwater.

IGFA Fluorocarbon Tippet provide anglers with a built-in cutter to cut the material right where you want it. These spools feature a patented double-structured design to make this tippet material the most advanced on the market. The construction of this line uses two exclusive fluoro-resins to create a softer yet stronger material. A soft core over a hard, abrasion-resistant outer coating results in a line that is much easier to fish than previous generations of fluorocarbons.

  • Length: 30 m

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