Renosky Mirror Image Shallow Diver

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Item No.: F14711


The Renosky Mirror Image Shallow Diver features Renosky's Mirror Image bait design that sandwiches reflective material inside of a translucent, honeycombed lure body. This finish produces incredible reflections and colors, making these great baits for dark or stained waters.

This innovative design combined with Renosky's signature wounded baitfish swimming action will put more fish in the boat, whether you're after bass, walleye, steelhead or salmon on the Great Lakes or anything that swims in the salt. This lure is great for casting or for use with downriggers, planer boards, divers and lead core lines.

  • Internal, Mirror Image design
  • Translucent, molded honeycomb scale pattern
  • Photo-printed scales, fins and gills
  • Strong treble hooks with stainless steel split rings
  • Holographic eyes
  • Weight: 1/16 oz.
  • Depth: 5 ft.
  • Treble Hooks: Three # 4
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Please note: The holographic eyes featured on Renosky lures may come in Silver or Red colors, while the treble hooks may come in Silver, Red, or Black Chrome. Our choice only. Thank you.

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8/12/2017 12:00:00 am

Nice...BUT Need Work


Bought five to run behind dipsys for Erie walleye and the first two I ran filled with water killing the action. The next one was fine and caught fish but needed the hooks bent back into shape fairly often. They seemed to stay tuned well after several fish with is a plus. I would gladly pay a little more to have better hooks and more thorough quality control. The price is nice but when you have to throw two away out of five because they leak then the price per GOOD lure gets higher.

6/9/2019 12:00:00 am

Catch fish but cheaply made

by Alpineski -

I have a love/hat relationship with theses Renosky lures. I love them because they simply catch fish. In fact, I find them so productive over other stickbaits they are my exclusive stickbait for walleye fishing the eastern Lake Erie basin. However, they are little more than single use lures. First, replacing the hooks immediately is not optional. You might think "they can't be that bad" or "walleye don't pull that hard". Trust me, replace the hooks. I usually buy about a dozen at a time and when unpacking, a hook inevitably gets stuck in the bubble package, unhooking it is enough to separate the treble hook. Second, I find they fill with water pretty quickly and need to be tossed- I average maybe three fish per lure. All that said, I continue to use them exclusively because fish seem to love them. Outproduce other brands 3/1 easy. So, if you are willing to spend a bit more on good hooks and understand these are more or less disposable, highly suggest them.