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NewRapid Fishing Hook-All
Rapid Fishing Hook-All
For the ultimate presentation, use the Rapid Fishing Hook-All to keep your soft bait or trailer hooks secured in place. Using this tool with Rapid Fishing Hook-All Replacement Disks holds your plastics perfectly positioned, cast after cast, catch after catch. Place the included replacement disks into the Hook-All tool's circular crevices and push it onto the shank of your hook. The disks are small and hardly noticeable. The Rapid Fishing Hook-All is a must-have item for anglers who are sick of l...
NewRapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig Heads
Rapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig...
Smelling good is just as important in fishing as it is when you're courting a new lady. Fill your fishing area with lasting scent when you fish with Rapid Fishing Scent Keeper Tube Jig Heads! These jigheads are wrapped with a chenille wire that absorbs scent better. You can soak the jighead in your favorite attractant or spritz it on before you place your tube on the jig. The smell will disperse evenly in the water, keeping it in your fishing area instead of washing away. The chenille wire also ...
NewRapid Fishing Rapid Line Guide
Rapid Fishing Rapid Line Guide
Spooling and threading line can be tough, especially if you've got some arthritis in your hands or your eyes just aren't what they used to be. Believe us, we get it. To make your life easier, we now offer the Rapid Fishing Rapid Line Guide! Insert your line into the tapered clip end, thread this neat little tool through the guides to the top, and you're done. How simple is that? For quick and easy rigging so you can spend more time fishing, pick up the Rapid Fishing Rapid Line Guide.
NewRapid Fishing Hook-All Replacement Disks
Rapid Fishing Hook-All Replacement ...
Keep your soft plastics where they're supposed to be - on your hooks, not in the belly of a hungry bass! Rapid Fishing Hook-All Replacement Disks are amazing little plastic disks that fit on to the hook to keep your plastic positioned correctly and in-place, cast after cast, catch after catch. Using the Rapid Fishing Hook-All Tool, you place the disks inside the circular crevice and push it onto the hook. These replacement disks also work great in securing trailer hooks. Available in a variety o...
NewRapid Fishing Line Clips
Rapid Fishing Line Clips
Save your precious fishing time and protect your line with Rapid Fishing Line Clips! Instead of storing your rods with the lures stuck in every place imaginable, you can safely store them without damaging your fishing line. Remove the bait and slide the line through the metal taper on the line clip and reel it, so it sits at the tip of your rod. If you enjoy using multiple casting reels, you can also place the line clip at the end of the line on your reel. Designed to prevent line damage and eli...