Rapala Minnow Rap

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Product Details

Rapala Minnow Raps are a hybrid of the famed Original Floating minnow profile and the renowned Shad Rap action. Constructed of balsa with a tight, wobbling action. Choose from Classic patterns with clear lips or bleeding patterns with bleeding gillsand deep red lip. Hand-tuned and tank-tested for perfect action right out of the box.

  • Shad rap action
  • Natural minnow profile
  • Deep diving lip
  • Balsa body construction
  • Premium VMC black nickel hooks
  • Natural or bleeding patterns
  • Hand-tuned and tank-tested
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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Another good Rapala deep diving minnow

by -

This is yet another well designed Rapala, one of their ump-teen deep diving models. I am not sure what niche it is specifically to fill but I can attest that it works. I suspect it may work in situations of clear water and finicky fish. It is not a particularly heavy or dense lure so it is better for trolling, casting not so much. Its balsa wood construction provides for a very nice slow rolling action - but a caveat - balsa is not the toughest construction material so I wouldn't run it through pike hangouts. I've been trolling them on an inline side planer and this lure's low drag resistance is a plus for this application.

Minnow Rap

by -

One of my cold water go-to baits, large or small, it hooks them all!!