Rapala Flat Jig

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Glow Pearl Blue
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Product Details

Designed for high performance in deep water or heavy currents, the Rapala Flat Jig is 80% heavier than the similarly sized Jigging Rap. The flat, thin body glides smoothly with a wide searching action that has been proven effective on a variety of gamefish. This unique jig features hooks on the front and back facing up with a treble hook on the bottom for more positive hook-ups. Our customers love the extra weight of this flat jig because you can feel them better, even in harsh conditions. Intended for vertical jigging, you can also troll, jerk, or twitch the Rapala Flat Jig with great success.

  • Flat minnow body design
  • Heavy weight to size ratio
  • Long-gliding wide searching action
  • Designed for deep water and heavy current
  • Great for trolling or jerking in open water, and jigging during ice season
  • Multi-species gamefish
  • Single reversed hooks, center treble hook
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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Good Jig!


Glow Pearl Olive has been a great walleye color in the 1 5/16 size

Rapala Flat Jig

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The only thing keeping this bait from a Five Star is the tail and I guess you could say the paint. If you purchase them,,do yourself a huge favor or huge frustration saving measure and add a two part clear epoxy or a clear cement to insure the tails stay put. I am a life long Rapala customer and this disheartens me to no end. This flat jig and the jigging rap obviously need more than just a small little tank test. Either the field staff testing them is inadequate or they want to get by as cheaply as possible. I can't possibly imagine that Rapala wants to put out an inferior product based on my past experiences. I don't want to go through the warranty process,,I just want the problem fixed. Everyone I know that uses them has the same problem. I've had the problem since the baits inception,,,, though not to the extent that I am encountering now. Between flat jigs and jigging raps I've lost about 30 tails in the last two months. My last trip was the last straw when 8 tails fell off.

Super-dense version of the jigging Rapala - for depth and current applications

by -

What you can't see in the photos above is how wide these are - the wide-bodied shape gives them almost double the weight for their length, compared to the standard version of the jigging rap. This extra weight makes it possible to feel them much better even in deep water and with some current.

Must have

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Fishing deep 20 to 45 feet with current these are a must have. They work alone or tipped with bait.