Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife

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Product Details

Product Details

With no cords to get in the way, the Rapala Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife makes even the toughest filleting chores a quick and easy task. Two removable and rechargeable battery packs provide an ample power source to complete the job. The charger base allows charging of one battery while you put the other to use, or pre-charge both for fast shore lunch preparation in the field.

A 6 inch and 7 1/2 inch blade are included. All are neatly packed in a compact carrying case to bring the ease of electric filleting everywhere. Premium motor will provide years of service in the field, camp, or in the home for filleting and other cutting chores. The knife also features an advanced air flow handle to reduce heat build up.

  • Quiet, long lasting knife motor
  • Air flow design to keep the knife cool
  • Two battery packs for a combined run time of one hour
  • Smart charge battery base (3 hr. 45 min. recharge time per battery)
  • Auto charge shut-off
  • Hollow ground stainless steel blades (6 in. and 7 1/2 inch included)
  • Compact travel case

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not what I thought it would be


I have this knife it is just over a year old I am having battery problems both. of them do not hold a charge for very long I don't want another one I'm going to purchase another brand

cuts like a hot knife thru butter

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i do a lot of cat fish in eastern Oregon and you can catch up to 20 or more a day. so with this new knife, i'm able to get the cleaning done a lot faster.

great knife

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I take it with me on ice in boat and on shore bought the 12 volt plug to recharge it on the go.

Excellent presentation!

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Designed for long last.

Cordless fillet knife.

by -

Save your money on this one. It works great for about 5 fish. The spare battery lasts maybe 2 fish if lucky, and is always dead when l need it. I love the idea and it works great when the battery is fresh. Very dissapointed in the batteries. Maybe I just got a lemon.