RIO Specialty Series Premier OutBound Short Fly Line

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WF6ISKU: 194181
Clear/Gray/Translucent Green
Sink Rate
2 ips.
Total Length
100 ft.
Head Length
30 ft.
Head Weight
235 gr
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Product Details

The RIO Specialty Series Premier OutBound Short Fly Line is just what you're looking for to cast big, heavy flies over long distances! The OutBound Short fly line is designed with an aggressive front-loaded taper and powerful head design, so your weighted streamers will go far! Equally suited to freshwater and saltwater, this Premier fly line comes in many weights and densities for fishing at different depths. There are full floating lines (F) for topwater risers and floating lines with 15 ft. "hover" and clear "intermediate" sinking line sections (F/H/I) for fishing within the first two to three feet. Another choice includes a full intermediate sink line (I) with a 15 ft. clear tip for fishing 3-5 ft. deep. For fishing 4-8 ft. down you can find intermediate sinking lines with a 17 ft. intermediate-sink segment with a 13 ft. front section of fast sinking line (I/S3/S5). There are even intermediate lines for fishing in waters 6-12 ft. deep (I/S5/S7) and extra-fast full sinking "Dredger" lines (S7) to fish at maximum depths. RIO also added its durable SlickCast coating and Multi Density Control technology on select sinking options to round out the features of this Specialty Series. Easily cast large flies over maximum distance with the RIO Specialty Series Premier OutBound Short Fly Line!

  • Front-loaded to cast large flies with ease
  • Designed for easy distance
  • Exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
  • Multi Density Control on select sinking options
  • DualTone color change at the line's sweet spot
  • EasyID line marking system for quick identification
  • Front welded loop for Spey rigging and back welded loop for fast rigging to backing
  • Use in freshwater or saltwater from 35 - 80° F
  • Six density options:
    • Floating line for topwater action (F)
    • Floating line with 15 ft. "hover" sinking line and 15 ft. intermediate sinking line for 2 - 3 ft. (F/H/I)
    • Intermediate sinking line for 3 - 5 ft. (I)
    • Intermediate sinking line with 17 ft. medium sinking line and 13 ft. fast sinking line for 4 - 8 ft. (I/S3/S5)
    • Intermediate sinking line with 17 ft. fast sinking line and 13 ft. extra fast sinking line for 6 - 12 ft. (I/S5/S7)
    • Extra fast sinking "dredger" line for maximum depth (S7)
  • Qty. per Pack: 1 coil (100 - 110 ft.)

The RIO Specialty Series Premier OutBound Short Fly Line is made in the U.S.A.

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